Bargains Galore at the Eddie Borgo Sample Sale

There are three magical words that every girl loves to hear. No, not those words. What I’m talking about is 90% off. While they may not technically be words they are indeed magical.

On my way to another sample sale, I was suddenly informed about the Eddie Borgo sale taking place on the Lower East Side. Upon hearing ninety percent off I quickly made a beeline towards Elizabeth Street. Once inside the designer’s showroom, I found tables stacked with bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. The prices were out of this world with nothing over $40.
The bracelets dominated the sale with a wide selection of cones, pyramids, and cubes in gold, silver, and pave. Pricing is simple: $20 for small bracelets and $40 for large. All necklaces were $35, small rings and earrings $15, large $25. I spotted the signature hinged rings in gold, rose gold, silver, and pave. There were also four finger rings in a variety of styles. Large choker necklaces were a particularly good deal with retail prices of $400-$500. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough there were also bins of $5 damaged items near the register. Damaged is really too strong of a word for many of these great pieces. I found items that showed no visible signs of defect but were still designated as damaged, possibly due to age? There were gemstone cone bracelets from the Lane Bryant collection (a few of these were missing a stone or had broken locks), pentagram rings from the fall 2012 collection just to name a few. The staff is very friendly and helpful in explaining the pieces, you also get a jewelry tray to collect and carry your items. The only thing to keep in mind is that there are no shopping bags and if you end up buying lots of things (like yours truly) you better hope your purse is large enough to fit the jewelry filled ziplock bags.

With a tray already full of jewelry I decided to give the bins another look. Like a raven attracted to a shiny,  I spotted parts of a flat triangle pave necklace inside one of the bins. Upon locating all the pieces I figured it wouldn’t take too much work to put them all back together. When I came home it took me less than five minutes and a few spare round links to fix it. So for just $5 I ended up with a piece that retailed for $1,050. Now that’s what I call a bargain!

A little DIY

Today is the last day of this two day sample sale and I would suggest going as soon as possible. Address and hours are at the bottom of this post.

While photography was not allowed inside here are the pictures of my finds:

Rose gold bell choker $35 (retail $425)
Pink agate collar tips $5 (retail $175)
Peaked link earrings $5 (retail $360)
Pave pentagram ring $5 (retail $395)
Flat triangle pave necklace $5 (retail $1,050)
Hinged plate ring $25 (retail $225)

Gunmetal pendant $5
Lane Bryant collection turquoise cone bracelet $5 (retail $410)
Lane Bryant collection frosted glass cone bracelet $5 (retail $410)

Lane Bryant collection glass cone bracelet $5 (retail $410)
Small gold cone bracelet $20 (retail $300)

Eddie Borgo Sample Sale
204 Elizabeth St. 2nd Floor
Saturday 8am – 8pm

02 comments on “Bargains Galore at the Eddie Borgo Sample Sale

  • Keisha , Direct link to comment

    There is one Friday, December 4th through Saturday, December 5th. I will be stopping by! hope it is still 90% off.

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for the heads up! I saw it on Racked just now and really hope the discounts will be as good. Last December sale was only 80% I believe unlike May but who knows, best to go anyway!

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