The Inaugural Post – All Aboard The Jimmy Choo Train

Jimmy Choo sample sale shoes
This year I was fortunate enough to receive a special invitation to the Jimmy Choo friends and family sample sale. As a huge fan of the brand I was thrilled! Having attended their previous sales I knew just how big the discounts could get and that this was not an event to be missed.

I like to bill myself as a seasoned sample sale aficionado thus I came prepared with a game plan.  Most sales can be and usually are extremely hectic so having a strategy is a must if you want to score the best bargains. I knew that for Day 1 the best deals would likely center around small leather goods and accessories. They were all priced at $75 with original retail ranging between $700 for the larger wallets to $99 for luggage straps and keychains. Unfortunately this year’s selection was lacking, to put it mildly.
The star studded Filippa wallets came in such tired and drab colors while the majority of  patent leather accessories all showed signs of damage.

Jimmy Choo sample sale
Small leather goods, key chains, wallets, luggage tags for $75

Last year’s selection was vastly superior with items like the Nikita wallets on chain in gorgeous shades of blush pink and pastel lime or the Filippa wallets from the 2012 collaboration with Rob Pruitt. I absolutely adore his Jimmy Choo panda designs and I managed to score both wallets and haven’t stopped using them. But let’s fast forward to 2015 and the rather disappointing selection which did not stop at wallets. The handbags on display also left much to be desired. The dated styles and lackluster color palettes were not worth the price.

Jimmy Choo sample sale bags
Handbags priced by size $250/$350/$450


Jimmy Choo sale bags
Exotics were an additional $200
Jimmy Choo snakeskin sale bag
Too bad this bag didn’t make it to Day 2 when it would have been $250 instead of $550

The shoes on the other hand were a different story. While there were once again repeats of patent cork/wedge/espadrilles from the years past there were also a few real treasures. Namely the jeweled runway sandals or the red stilettos with flower appliqué. If you have a wedding or gala to attend these are the showstoppers. Alas, I rarely attend such events and the price tags at $325 was certainly prohibitive. I had to suck it up and resist the urge to buy which is easier said than done of course. Not to leave empty handed though, I grabbed a black leather belt as a sort of a consolation prize. But I refused to admit defeat knowing the type of bargains that Day 2 usually offers.

Jimmy Choo sample sale shoes

Shoes started at $200 for basic styles


Jimmy Choo sample sale
Shoes were everywhere!
Jimmy Choo ballet flats shoes
So cute 🙂
With my game plan in hand I perfectly timed my arrival. As I entered the room the first markdowns had just begun. I immediately dashed towards accessories but besides some keychains nothing really struck me. The shoes and handbag markdowns were not significant enough either.
Jimmy Choo sample sale prices
First round of markdowns


Jimmy Choo scarves
Belts and scarves before the markdown frenzy cleared out this table

With less than an hour before closing it seemed as though this would be it but just then I saw one of the staffers with a big black sharpie approaching a price list on the wall and my heart began to race! I knew then that the real discounts were coming. First to get slashed were the Hunter boots but unfortunately I happened to be at the opposite end of the venue space and the small selection was quickly snatched up with some ladies grabbing as many as 3-4 pairs each. Although I quickly spotted something on the floor, under the handbag table. It was a pair of red Hunters but a few sizes too big. At $25 I had to get them regardless, they’ll find a good home even if it’s not with me.

Now my eagle eyes have been trained squarely on the girl with the black sharpie and wherever she’d go I would follow. Which wasn’t far since she walked over to the handbag table where I was standing and quietly marked down the remaining Justine bags. At $75 (down from $2,295 retail) this was a no brainer. With my new bag in tow I patiently awaited more discounts which came in the form of $10 belts and $25 scarves. Luckily I already loaded up on belts when they were marked $25 but this was just too good, even better than last year. I also picked up two super cute keychains for $25. The shoes sadly didn’t see the second markdowns. Priced at $175-$250 for the styles I wanted they were  still too rich for my blood. With so many other shoe sales around the corner I’d find a way to get over.

Jimmy Choo NYC sample sale haul
My haul of $10 belts, $25 scarves/keychains/boots, and the $75 Justine bag

Overall I would deem this sale a success, despite the inauspicious start. True bargains come to those who wait 🙂 Until next year Jimmy Choo!

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    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi Chloe! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

      I've shopped with Jimmy Choo for many years and eventually ended up in their database. I really don't recall doing anything specific. The sale opened up to the public on the second day and the prices were much better towards the end.

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