Navigating a Chaotic Sea that is the Chloe Sample Sale

Century 21 Edition
21 Dey St.
Tuesday 8:00am – 9:00pm.
While definitely not for the faint of heart, the Chloe sample sale was a huge win price wise. All items were priced as marked but did require turning over every individual label. With discounts of up to 85% off it was well worth the wait.
Held at the newest sample sale venue, Century 21 Edition, this was supposed to be a five day affair.
Although for reasons unknown the organizers made a last minute change, downsizing the sale into just a two day event. Perhaps due to lack of inventory or the hype surrounding this first ever public Chloe sample sale it inevitably led to chaos. The VIPs who were scheduled to shop on Monday now found themselves amongst the mere plebes ;) The RSVP requirement that was so highly emphasized in the official email seems to have been completely ignored. I arrived about 50 minutes after opening expecting an hour long wait. Initially the line did not appear that huge, stretching along Church St. but terminating well before Cortland St. After an hour and half of waiting I began to realize that we were not moving. Ten steps every half hour was not going to cut it but I chose to persevere. After three hours the hunger had gotten the best of me and I decided to run across the street to a nearby Starbucks. Of course it figures that I would pick the most inopportune time. Just as I paid for my latte I got a text from a friend that the line was moving and all 40 people that were ahead of me made it inside. Thanks in large part to my friend I didn’t lose my spot as she told the security guards to let me in once I returned.
Finally I was inside, a Starbucks latte in hand and all. The sale took up both floors of the C21 Edition venue. I started with the first floor. The left hand side was dedicated to display stands full of handbags from both Chloe and sister label See By Chloe. Prices started at just $50 for basic See by Chloe totes and topped out at several thousand for the exotics. Paratys were already gone but there were plenty of Baylees, Charlotte totes, Vickie bucket bags just to name a few. 
Situated in the middle were display cases with jewelry and accessories. There were rings, necklaces, and bracelets ranging from $75-$125. In the accessories section you could find See by Chloe key chains, bag charms, wallets of varying sizes, and card cases all for $50. The wallets were a very popular item and by the time I left all were sold out.
On the right hand side there were racks of See by Chloe tops, blazers, bottoms, dresses, and even a few coats. Prices started at just $30 but averaged around $75. I was particularly drawn to the dress section as the styles so perfectly embodied that flirty feminine chic that I adore. I found styles perfect for the current transitional weather, like this numbers shirt dress for only $49 (before additional discounts).
The second floor was dedicated to clothing from Chloe and the prices were not kind. I was immediately drawn to a pair of pinstripe shorts but tagged at $225 this was a bit much. The other items followed suit, dresses for $1,100, coats for $2,300, etc. Perhaps due to the continuing chaos inside and the staff unable to keep up with excessive crowds I spotted quiet a few See by Chloe items interspersed amongst the main label items. I spotted a few styles that I coveted downstairs but couldn’t find in my size.  
There were also handbags but the same styles as downstairs. So if you are looking for a particular bag don’t forget to check the second floor!
Now it was time for the dressing room and it was not going to be a pleasant experience. After enduring a three hour wait outside I now had to face more than hour wait to try on my finds. I was even willing to try things on out in the open but there was literally no space to breath due to the crowds. But all in all it was a good thing that I got to try things because the fit and sizing really varied. My sizes ranged from 2 to 6.
Finally ready to pay I was preparing myself for yet another grueling wait but thankfully I opted to pay on the second floor where the line was only 4 person long. To make things even better I was able to use the special extra 30% off offer that was emailed to select customers last week. Shoppers earlier in the day were able to use an Instagram photo to get this discount but unfortunately the organizers were not too thrilled and began cracking down late in the afternoon. I overhead a manager instructing the sales staff to only accept the emails. The discount only applied to Monday but considering the sale had been condensed I am not sure whether they will accept it on Tuesday. 

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