Bodum: Take Two

I’ll be honest, I had no intention of returning to the Bodum sample sale for the second time. I was on my way to Zegna and Agnona when I’ve learned of extra discounts. With only a few hours before closing I quickly headed to Starrett-Lehigh. Upon arrival I noticed that the sign now boasted “everything for $2”, this was even better than the additional 50% off that was advertised just an hour before. I found tables full of coffee presses in Brazil, Bean, Chombard, and special 70th Anniversary Edition. Most were of the 8 cup variety although I managed to find one in 12 (everything smaller was gone). I was kicking myself for not arriving sooner but who could have predicted that such a sales bonanza would be taking place. The showroom was once again buzzing with shoppers, most of whom were the employees inside Starrett-Lehigh. Hey proximity pays! 🙂 I heard numerous people talk about how they’re buying things as Christmas presents and after all who needs to know if they were purchased at a sample sale or some high end department store as long as they’re brand new. Although I wanted to resist the urge to buy, at $2 I just couldn’t say no. I already purchased enough French presses for my family and friends yesterday but when in Rome…. Getting ready to head to the register but opting to take like a 10th loop around the room (desperately hoping I’d see something besides a coffee press) I was rewarded when I noticed a few tea pots that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Despite my hands being already full I managed to snag two before they were all gone. Score!

Lots of coffee presses and pour over coffee makers
My haul (forgot to include a few things lol) from both days

For what it’s worth, I asked whether there might be another sale next year and while I wasn’t given a concrete answer one of the employees told me that this kind of sale only happens every 2-3 years with the previous being in 2013. So mark your calendars for 2017 or just follow me for the inside scoop 😉

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