Hot Off The French Presses! Bodum Sample Sale

601 West 26th Street, Suite 1250
Tuesday – Wednesday
10:00am – 4:00pm

UPDATE!!! Everything is now extra 50% off.

Bodum, a world renown Danish company (with headquarters in Switzerland) known for quality glass and kitchenware is hosting a two day sample sale at the Starrett-Lehigh building. Located way out west, we’re talking West Side Highway territory, the sale was not the most accessible but the bargains warranted the long trek.

When I arrived during lunch time the place was buzzing with eager shoppers feeding into their caffeine addiction. Upon entry inside the showroom there is a small table with canvas shopping bags to make carrying all your goodies that much easier. There were rows and rows of French coffee presses lining the shelves along both walls. Available is various sizes like 3 cup or 8 cup capacity, they also came in wide variety of styles and colors like Bean, Caffettiera, Kenya, Brazil, Eileen, and Chambord. The choices were vast but Eileens in particular were going quick. On hand were also sets like the 70th Anniversary Edition featuring glass cups or cappuccino frothers. They even had a french press specifically for iced coffee or cafe glacé. Pour Over coffee makers were available as well.

Eileen French Press $15 (8cup) $10 (3cup)
French Presses $10
Chambord French Press $10 (3cup)
Caffettiere Coffee Presses and Tea Pots $10

There were boxed appliances like bean grinders for $50 and a few stand mixers in the middle of the floor. Although the mixer boxes looked pretty banged up the staff assured that they were brand new. $30 toasters were also available. Appliance were going quickly and some like citrus juicers and blenders were already sold out.
Stand Mixers
Toasters $30
Tea lovers rejoice because there was something for you as well. Tea pots, kettles, infusers, and mugs were all well represented. There were both small $10 and large electric kettles $25. Columbia teapot kettles. 70th Anniversary tea presses in bright cheerful colors for $10, glass cups with handles (sets of 2) for only $1 or cups with silicon grips for $5-$7. Tea for One glass mugs for $6. They even had the extremely popular Assam tea presses as part of a gift set.
Caffettiere Tea Pots $10
Large Electric Kettles $25
Small Electric Kettles $10
Columbia Tea Pots $30
Pavina Glass Sets with silicone sleeves $5-$7

They also had boxes with many $1 or $5 utensils: spatulas, infusers, timers, whisks, measuring spoons, etc.
Apple Peeler $5

As I was leaving, the staff began to consolidate remaining merchandise on the tables. The sale ends today at 4pm and I highly recommend heading over during or after lunch time.

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