"Tocca" To Me – Beauty and RTW up to 85% off

Founded in 1994 by a group of friends with a vision to create luxurious yet affordable clothes, Tocca is well known for sophisticated, feminine pieces that exude Old-World elegance. Since launching their beauty line in 1997 the company joined the ranks of world renown fragrance houses with its exquisite and delicate scents.

I had an opportunity to preview the Tocca sample sale during their friends and family day yesterday. The sale featured a wide range of beauty products and ready to wear, as well as their Bambini line for children. In the first room near the register you can find various minis. From hand creams to solid perfumes, to sprays and soaps. With prices starting at just $2.50 people were digging through boxes looking for that perfect scent. I spotted Stella, Florence, Cleopatra, Giulietta, Bianca, and Brigitte just to name a few. Inside the main room were larger creams, edps, perfume sets, candles (individual and sets), laundry detergents, and body washes (less than 5 bottles). Although advertised in the price list there were no liquid soaps.

Located along the back walls as well as inside the adjoining room were racks of clothing with sizes ranging from 0-12. Smaller sizes were the most represented, particularly size 4 having the widest selection. Prices started at $45 for bottoms/plain tops and topped out at $125 for dresses/coats/rompers. Darker color palettes dominated the racks with majority of the clothing being from the fall/winter collections. By the entrance to the adjoining room were boxes with scarves ($20) and knitwear. Lingerie and swimwear were also on hand.

There was a small table with sample shoes priced at $30. I spotted Nina and Charles Jordan pumps although the rest were Tocca’s own brand. The selection was rather uninspiring to be honest, I would concentrate on the clothes instead.

The sale also featured two racks of children’s clothing. While I didn’t pay particular attention to sizing it looked mostly suited for toddlers. There were adorable pieces for your fashionable little one starting at $15 for swimwear and topping out at $65 for coats.

If you are paying by cash there is an additional 10% discount so go hit that ATM!
542 West 22 St.
3rd Floor
Wednesday, June 10 – Friday, June 12
11:00am – 7:00pm

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