Clearance Time at Century 21 Stores

Century 21 has always been one of my favorite go to places for killer deals on luxury designer goods. With the closure of Loehmann’s, Filene’s Basement, Daffy’s and Syms it remains the last bastion of true bargain hunting in the city. Once the discounts hit 80-90%, shopping at Century can be even better than going to a sample sale! 

The semi-annual clearance sale started a few weeks ago and I decided to check out what was on hand. For a change of pace I opted to stop by the Uptown location. While not as massive as the flagship store, the calm atmosphere here was a welcome departure from the crowds of tourists you tend to encounter downtown. As a seasoned veteran of these sales I don’t really get excited until I see a red sticker with extra 75% off but it’s always a good idea to scout the bargains in advance. Lucky for you guys I’m doing all the legwork work so you don’t have to 😉
On to the bargains! The current discounts range from 33% to 50% off sale prices. Meaning the actual discounts are more in the range of 70-85% off retail. Take this Lanvin bag for example: it’s now on clearance (extra 33% off) for $466 but the original retail price is $2,260 effectively making it 80% off! 

Lanvin JL Bowling Bag on clearance for $466
Starting in accessories I spotted Dior, Moschino, Cavalli, Leonard, and Missoni scarves for $39-$89 (33% off). There were also $199 Cartier stoles (originally $600), $49 Moschino umbrellas and even an Hermes straw hat! While 1/3 off Hermes is considered good I’ve seen them a little cheaper at sample sales.
Dior handkerchief scarf $39 
Moschino scarves $25 – $60 (not part of clearance) 
Designer scarves on clearance
Dior scarves on clearance $86 (retail $325)
Cartier stoles $199 (retail $600)
Moschino umbrellas $49
Straw hats $60 
I spy Hermes! $306 (Retail $910)
Chloe (sample sale left over)  $819 
Lanvin clutches 80% off original prices
Bulgari Omnia $30 (just a few $ more than sample sale but no long lines lol)
MBMJ bracelets
Clearance jewelry

Taking the escalator to the second floor I headed straight to the European designer section. There were racks of Lanvin, Burberry, Missoni, and Red Valentino. Lanvin rack consisted of tops, dresses, and bottoms for 80-85% off original prices. Lanvin’s sample sales are notoriously exclusive and discounts top out at 80% so this is a good alternative to pick up some high end pieces. Make sure to keep an eye on damages though, I noticed rips, snags, and stains in some cases. The dress below was a real standout (fingers crossed it makes it to extra discounts).

Most items come out to around 80% off retail
The dress! $548 (Retail $3,340)
One of the “cheaper” items $180 
Burberry Prorsum leather jacket $772 (Retail $4,995)
More Burberry but sadly not on clearance
Acne leather jacket on clearance 

Somehow I knew I would see this Belgian duo at Century 21 again 😉 You might recall the rather expensive Haider Ackermann and Ann Demeulemeester sample sale a few months ago. Well say hello to the leftovers! Prices are much more accessible now but I advise waiting for further discounts. Although if you must indulge I recommend focusing on the leathers. Priced nearly the same as their silk/cotton counterparts they are a better investment.

Bottoms $100 – $400
Haider Ackermann leather pants $349 (Retail $1,808)

There were also racks of contemporary designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, The Kooples, and DVF on clearance at 1/3 off sale prices. While not exactly spectacular, prices were comparable to a first day of sample sale or outlet sales. 

Kooples dress $86 
DVF dress $133
Patrizia Pepe

Before heading downstairs to check out the shoes I noticed shelves with candles by Celerie Kemble. If you recall one of my older sale reports, I bought these exact candles for $5. I can’t help it but I get this perverse satisfaction seeing something on sale and knowing I bought it so much cheaper elsewhere 😀 The perfect example are these Tamara Mellon shoes in the photo below. While they’re not part of clearance just yet and priced at $160 I highly doubt they will go as low as $10, which is what I paid at the sample sale a year ago!
Candles $9.99 
Tamara Mellon $160 I bought for $10 at the sample sale 😀

Finding shoe bargains required a little extra work since there wasn’t a separate clearance section. Select styles are 1/3 off sales price and you have to inspect each box to see whether it has a red sticker. Make sure to check the labels on the actual shoe rather than the box because in many cases the two do not match. I saw high end brands like Dior, Saint Laurent, Manolo, Lanvin, and more.
Lanvin $199
Lanvin $199
Aquazzura $150
Nina Ricci $260
Dior $266
Dior $253

Wish these were part of clearance
Saint Laurent $399
Saint Laurent $332
Rochas sandals $199 
Rochas $133
Valentino rockstud Havaianas $99
Manolo swans $599 (not on clearance)

On my way to the register I walked past the hosiery section where I spotted  Wolford tights. I am obsessed with this luxury Austrian brand who makes the best, most comfortable tights and bodysuits (amongst other things). While I’ve never seen their ready to wear at Century I was happy to check out the tights. Most were priced at $24 but I found a style with an extra 60% discount. Better yet, it rang up even lower ($12) at the register! If you’re an XS (sadly the only size available) you need to get to Century asap. There were also good deals on Spanx, Falke, DKNY, Emilio Cavalini, etc.
Wolford “Kristin” tights rang up for $12!

BOTTOM LINE: The current discounts are good but not crazy OMG I just scored the deal of a lifetime good. For that you’ll likely have to wait until August. Although if you are lusting after a particular Lanvin piece, you may want to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. I have it on good authority that this Friday will see extra markdowns and additional merchandise added to clearance. I will update this post once I hear anything new.

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