"Schoul-ing" For The 21st Century – Proenza Schouler Sample Sale and Clearance Time at Century 21.

UPDATE: Extra 30% off all current markdowns!

Century 21 Edition has been hitting it out of the ballpark with their sample sales. Managing to lure some of the hottest designers on the market and this sale was no exception. 

Proenza Schouler have been known to hold their one day sample sales in SoHo, near their corporate offices. But with the change of venue I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive and figured prices were bound to increase, especially since the current sale spans over three days. Thanks to some early intel, I was able to glean the pricing for this year’s sale and was very happy to learn that there were no major price hikes but there is bad news.
The line this morning was very manageable, it didn’t even reach the Church St. entrance of Century 21. Brownie points to those who withstood the epic Diptyque queues last winter 🙂 you guys know what a “bad” line looks like and luckily this wasn’t it! Once the doors opened, promptly at 8am, the line moved at a moderate pace, roughly 5-10 people at a time. 
no more leather bags 🙁
The sale takes up both floors of the C21 Edition space with handbags and accessories located on the right hand side. Now for the bad news 🙁  The bags are gone! Totally cleaned out. There were still a few $399 styles left when I got there but they flew off the shelves in seconds. So what’s left? X Le Bon Marche canvas shopping totes for $79……not exactly a steal so no surprise that shoppers were ignoring them. Exotic satchels in the $8k range. Colorful PS1 X Le Bon Marche wallets for $99 but considering that the leather versions were at the same price point in years past, shoppers were once again ignoring them. There were $49 small zip around wallets/coin purses as well as $39 card cases and bracelets.

X Le Bon Marche totes $79 (Retail $595)
PS Elliot large satchel in crocodile $8,400 (Retail $28,000) 
Clutches $199 (Retail $1,125)
X Le Bon Marche PS1 wallets $99 (Retal $165)
Small zip around wallets $49
Card cases and key chains $39
Bracelets $39
Scarves starting at $99
Medium bucket bag $399 (Retail $1,425)

Ready to wear was priced at around 70% off retail. There were beautiful fall/winter pieces mostly in the $700 range. But yours truly possess a well trained eye when it comes to spotting bargains. While looking through racks of denim I spotted a pair of leather pants with a rather curious price tag of $69. With original price listed well over a thousand my interest was piqued. I knew there must have been something to justify such ridiculous prices and I think I’ve nailed it. The $69 items were all either damages or irregulars. On the aforementioned pair of pants I noticed minor pen marks, while a similar leather skirt suffered from intensive marks. On the other hand, a different skirt had no visible signs of damage but when I went to try it on I noticed that one of the snap buttons didn’t line up properly. Not a big deal considering I ended up paying $69 for a $2,270 skirt! I spotted a few more of these “special” items spread throughout the racks.

Image via The Outnet

There was a large selection of denim from basic $29 acid wash styles to black/dark blue jeans for $38-$44 to the printed paint splatter versions for $110. Denim jackets were $99. Jeans were spread out over both floors, although that may change as the employees were moving and consolidating racks while I was there.
Jeans $29 – $44
Denim jackets and vests $99 
Paint splatter jeans $110
Sweatshirt with leather front $188 (Retail $1,250) 
Printed tissue jersey $42 (Retail $280)

If you are in the market for fall investment pieces then you would be happy to find beautiful suede zipper dresses $735 and tweed coats $550. 

Suede dresses with zipper detail $735
Jackets $199 (Retal $1,995)
Quilted leather skirts $1,185 (Retail $3,950)
Perforated leather coat $499 (Retail $5,500)

Located on the right side of the second floor, shoes were priced in the $150 – $375 range. There were boots, loafers, pumps, and sandals.

Flat woven sandals $353 (Retal $1,175)

While giddy with my $69 mega score I wasn’t quiet satisfied so I headed to Century 21’s main store to check on the clearance once again. I first went to check out the designer handbags and lucky me! As the clearance bags were only marked down this morning and were not even advertised yet. The Lanvin JL Bowling bag was now $349 from $2,260. Also a Pucci bag I’ve been eyeing since last winter got marked down as well. I couldn’t resist it at the new price point. Lanvin jewelry also received extra 50% off markdowns, even though some of the tags still listed 1/3 off. 

Lanvin JL Bowling bags $349 (Retail $2,260)
Lanvin jewelry at extra 50% off 
Hermes booties now $549
Clearance shoes 
Burberry $180
Gucci size 5 $253

I didn’t have much time to check on every item but I quickly scoped out the shoe selection downstairs and the extra 50% off stickers finally started showing up. I’ll be doing more detailed follow ups to my C21 clearance reports in the coming weeks but this is just a heads up for time being.
Happy shopping 🙂

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