It's Jackpot For Size 6 at Jack Rogers Sample Sale.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Tuesday proved to be a very busy day in terms of sample sale shopping and sample sale news. After Fivestory, I hopped on the train and headed straight to the Jack Rogersold headquarters. I guess John Hardy wasn’t the only one moving furniture yesterday 😉

If you’ve shopped here in the past, be aware that for this sale you must use the freight entrance along with the freight elevator. Thankfully there’s a sign right out front and an elevator operator is on hand. I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to these old school elevators so it took a little extra on my part to brave the metal monstrosity.

You must check your bags upon entry and can then proceed along a narrow corridor to the main showroom where all the shoes are located. Available in sizes 5 to 10, stock sandals (wedge and flat variety) were located along the walls. In the middle of the room was a table overflowing with sample shoes and boots (size 6 only). There were non sample sized boxes of boots along the back wall but they were quickly disappearing. Priced at just $49.99 the boots were the big draw of this sale. They are made in Italy and available in leather or suede with retail tags of $575 and above. That’s over 90% off! The only thing to note is that you’re not allowed to take the box when you buy the boots. Also if you are of an “athletic” calves variety (like yours truly) you might be out of luck. As with most designer boots, they are not cut for curvy girls.

Tons of size 6 boots and booties

Assorted size 6 boots
Suede boots made in Italy $49.99
Suede boots in size 38.5 for $49.99 (Retail $575)

Sandal selection was plentiful in smaller sizes in particular. There were signature Capri sandals in various colors. All sandals were priced at $49.99 whether a flat or wedge style. There were not that many wedges, maybe 1-2 pairs per size. I spotted Barcelona and Leigh styles in white and brown.
Jellies and flip-flops were located on a separate rack and were available predominantly in size 6.

Located in the second room were Jack Rogers handbags. From large leather totes to clutches to straw and beach bags, the selection was bountiful.

Assorted clothing was split into two categories. Blue dot items priced at $39.99 were located in the main showroom and consisted of tops and dresses from Jack Rogers, Antik Batik, Archerie, and a few other designers. 

In the smaller adjoining space were racks and boxes of yellow dot items priced at just $5.99. There were tons of basic white/beige trousers and colorful jeans. Tops by Archerie and just a handful of Amy Matto beach dresses. Sizes ranged from 2 to 10 and there were dressing rooms available.

Also at the sale was a small selection of jewelry. Located on a table in the narrow corridor near the registers were bracelets, earring, beaded necklaces, and charms. 

There was a table with miscellaneous items, like hardcover travel books by Assouline, random office supplies, and decor. The sales flyer advertised furniture and decor, as this is also a moving sale but aside from the afformentioned items I really did not see anything else that fits into those categories.
BOTTOM LINE: If you wear size 6 you must go to this sale! Start with the boots as they are an absolute steal at $49.99. The Capri sandals, while not a major bargain are still cheaper than what you’ll find online or the outlets. My advice is to definitely go but if you’re a 7+ don’t expect to find much in terms of boots. Also don’t forget about the handbags and apparel!


Just wanted to offer a quick recap of this four hour bargain affair. Prices were absolutely ridiculous and you could tell the staff really wanted to sell everything. Furniture was as low as $20-$30 while various decor pieces started at just 50 cents! There wasn’t a lot left when I arrived but I found silver adorned wooden boxes, trays, and picture frames priced under $50. A wood and silver menorah complete with a box and candles was $49 from over $600. Chinese zodiac coasters were $3, glass trays with dragon motifs $5, books $2. As I was about to leave the staff brought out nail art stickers (5 for 50c). Lots of pretty things you may not need but can’t resist 😉

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