Major "Disappointcciato" at the Bottega Veneta Sample Sale

The anticipation was high for this year’s Bottega Veneta sample sale. Die hard fans of the luxury Italian brand lined up early last morning in hopes of scoring amazing deals on Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciato handbags. The turnout was surprisingly small, only 20 people around 9am but the line slowly grew to 100 when I left around noon.
The doors opened a little early and once inside I was informed of the strict no photos/no phone policy. I apologize for the lack of visuals. So what was inside? One word: disappointment 🙁 Despite what the staffer outside told everyone, there were not many bags nor was the selection even remotely good. Prices were very high as well with the cheaper options being in $600 range. Below is the full price list that I managed to write down.

Tops $100
Shorts $75

Pants/Skirts $150
Knits $150
Dresses $300
Coats $400
Jackets $250

Couture gowns (priced as marked $500-$750)
Leather Special Rack (priced as marked $500 jackets $250 pants $650 coats)

Scarves $50 
Socks $25
Swim $50

Flats $100
Heels/Booties $150
High Boots $250

Belts $75
iPad covers $125
Small wallets $150
Large wallets $250

Necklaces $100
Bracelets $75
Rings/Earrings $50
Hair accessories $50

Men’s suits $300
Men’s shirts $100

Bags (priced as marked $600 – $3000)
Realizing that handbags were a complete bust I headed towards accessories section, located in the left back corner near the registers. The selection here was also tiny. I saw many repeats from last year, namely the very outdated iPhone 4 cases, iPad covers, enamel brooches, glass rings. While I was lucky to find several wallets the condition was so worn, faded, and dirty I couldn’t bring myself to drop $250. Had it been at lest like new I wouldn’t think twice. Having said that, there were deals to be had in the jewelry department. Bottega Veneta uses finest materials and craftsmanship in creating their jewelry pieces, accounting for very high retail prices. After a bit of research and my experience at the last year’s sample sale I knew what to look for. I found real silver hair accessories and brooches priced at just $50. Original prices are well over a thousand!
Shoe selection was not spectacular either. There were maybe 5 pairs of flats on a table near the entrance and some were very worn looking. Majority of shoes were heels and metallic booties priced at $150. I saw very few boots and sizing was hit or miss.
Amongst the racks of clothing I saw these gorgeous metallic pleated skirts with floral motifs for $150 but alas only size 38 was available. There were deals to be had among the $300 dresses and $250 jackets but again the sizing ran on the small side (38-40). The was a rack of specialty couture gowns that were priced from $500 – $750. Some retailed around $30k. More basic styles like denim and sleeveless tops seemed overpriced for what they were. Hopefully these items see further markdowns later today.
There were a few racks of menswear near the communal dressing room but I didn’t pay close attention. I noticed basic dress shirts, trousers, a few suits. Men’s footwear was also available with limited sizing.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a sale you can skip. It pains me to admit that, but unless you have absolutely nothing to do today and have the time to hang around hoping there are some minor discounts in the final hours, don’t bother. The sale ends at 3:30pm.

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