Barbara Bui, Surface to Air, Roberta Freymann, and Velvet Sample Sale in SoHo

When yours truly enters the Sample Sale Zone it means only one thing: if there is another sale in the area (especially of the unannounced variety) I will look for it, I will find it, and I will kill it…….Liam Neeson style. If you recall a month ago, I used my very particular set of skills to get into the super secret LK Bennet sample sale. This time around I scoped out the very low key Barbara Bui sample sale currently taking place at 151 Wooster St.

After Korres and Charm & Chain, I figured what the hell? Lets see if there’s anything going on at 260 Sample Sale’s SoHo outpost. The primary venue is holding an end of season clearance sale featuring Roberta Freymann, Velvet by Graham & Spenser, Gant, and John Varvatos with average prices of $20. My hunch was right on the money as the Wooster Street location was indeed open with barely a shopper inside.

This is not an official Barbara Bui sample sale but rather an overstock sale by 260 organizers. Think what was left over from last June’s sample sale, and there was a ton left over. The venue was packed with apparel and shoes from the French designer. Prices were not as cheap as the Fifth Avenue location which had a tiny smattering of Bui’s apparel. Best deals here are shoes, boots in particular are a great bargain at $150 with retail prices over $1,000 for 90%+ savings. The only catch is that all styles are either high heels or wedges. Sizes were mostly 36, 37 with a couple of 39 and they run a little small (at least for me). I spotted only two pairs of flats in size 35 and 39, you can see them in the photos below. Otherwise the remaining shoes were all high heels from size 35 – 40. There were some gorgeous numbers in the apparel section but pricing was iffy, some things were more expensive than the last official sample sale while a few were a little cheaper. I was particularly taken with this special series embroidered jacket (15th photo) but alas it was way out of my price range. This is actually Barbara Bui’s sentimental favorite that she wore when she won Best Designer of the Year Award.

Barbara Bui heels $95
There’s only one pair per style with sizes ranging from 35-40
Barbara Bui heels $95 Flats $75
Barbara Bui mary jane pumps $95 (original $995)
Barbara Bui flats size 35 $75
Barbara Bui boots $150
Barbara Bui boots $150
Barbara Bui tops $95
Barbara Bui pants $75
Barbara Bui denim $50
Barbara Bui dress $295
Barbara Bui trench $295
Barbara Bui puffer jacket $295
Barbara Bui limited series embellished jacket $495
Barbara Bui tops $95 
Barbara Bui dress with embellishments $495

The sale also featured both womenswear and menswear from Surface to Air, including some pretty cool leather jackets for $350. The selection was fairly small, just a few racks compared to the rest of the space that was devoted to Barbara Bui.

Menswear $30 – $150
Surface to Air leather jackets $350 
Surface to Air women’s top
Surface to Air womenswear

Towards the back, by the dressing room were racks of Roberta Freymann/Roberta Roller Rabbit and Velvet by Graham & Spenser. The selection looked identical to whats available at 260 Fifth Avenue and priced the same at $15 – $20. If you need some summer basics like tees, sun dresses, and tunics its a good idea to check out either location.

Roberta Roller Rabbit and Roberta Freymann tops $15 dresses $20 
Velvet by Graham & Spencer
Roberta Roller Rabbit tunic $15
Velvet dress $20
Velvet top $15

There were also accessories like belts, scarves, bags by Bodhi (I think the label might be discontinued), gloves and bow ties by Surface to Air. Even a few pieces of very expensive Barbara Bui jewelry.

Handbags by Bodhi
Large Bodhi bags

Surface to Air belts $25
Bodhi Bags $15 – $50
Surface to Air leather gloves $50

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re in the area, definitely check it out. There are wallet friendly pieces from Velvet and Roberta Freyman. Barbara Bui, while still pricy did offer good deals on footwear and denim. The sale runs through this Sunday and the organizers don’t expect any markdowns as this is their own stock.

Special Sample Sale
151 Wooster St.
Now – Labor Day
11am – 7pm

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