Korres Sample Sale

Yesterday afternoon Korres sent every New York based beauty lover into a frenzy with their very last minute announcement. A rare sample sale from the Greek skincare brand took place today and will be back for the second go tomorrow morning. Founded in Athens in 1996, Korres is known for its innovative and clinically effective products based on natural active ingredients.

I arrived at lunch time to find no lines outside or inside the Korres corporate office, where the sale is taking place. Prices started at just $1 for sample sized lip gloss and topped out at $20 for the pricier skincare products that usually retail for over $50. Items are also labeled with different colored stickers denoting the sale price. With discounts of up to 70% off the savings were quiet substantial. I initially grew fond of Korres when I tried their watermelon sunscreen face cream but sadly that line was discontinued a few years ago. Korres currently offers a new line of pomegranate infused skincare products that were available early this morning but sold out by lunch time.
Since the sale is taking place inside the brand’s office, space is rather limited and if there are more than five people inside it can start to feel crowded. The small corner devoted to the sample sale featured tables of beauty and skincare products. On the right side you can find shower gels, scrubs, and body butters for $10. There were three variants of Mango Butter Lipsticks in black, brown, and white packaging for $5. The color swatches seemed very similar between the three lines with the only noticeable difference that the white tube lipsticks have SPF 10. There was also a wide selection of lip gloss for $5. Be careful when purchasing any of the lip products because testers were mixed in with the rest of the samples. Make sure you open everything to ensure it hasn’t been used. Nail polish was available for $5 or a set of “The Pastels” Trio for $15.

Korres body products
Korres shower gels $8 – $10
Lipsticks, glosses, and nail polish
“The Pastels” trio $15 or $5 individual nail polish

Creams and cleansers were located on the table by the window. I saw Greek Yogurt Nourishing Sleeping Facial (retail $45), Wild Rose Advance Brightening Sleeping Facial (retail $48), Black Pine Firming Lifting Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle Night Cream (retail $68) all for just $15 each! If you’re hoping to find pomegranate creams, toners, cleansing wipes or pretty much anything that has pomegranate as an ingredient you’re sadly out of luck. I was told that this is their most popular line and understandably sold out very quickly. Foaming cleansers were running low as well. I saw Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser for $10 (retail $33). On the same table was also a glass bowl with $1 sample sized creams and serums, like Quercetin & Oak Face Serum 0.34oz and Wild Rose Sleeping Facial 0.34oz as well as $2 Quercetin & Oak Face Primers 0.34oz. I did not see any day creams besides the Black Pine Anti-aging line or any eye creams although they were available in the morning.

Black bowl with $1 skincare samples and full sized products $5 – $15

Along the wall was a small table with more lip products. There were concealers $10, foundation sets $20, and powders $15. Shades were limited, mostly 3 and 4, with a few 6’s. Concealers had more options for fair skin with a few 1’s and lots of 2’s. Cheek butters were $5 while the only eye liner I saw was in gold, also $5. Small lip gloss samples were just $1 but sold out while I was shopping.

Concealers sets $10 or $5 individually
Loose powder $15, blush and cheek butter $5
More lip gloss for $5

Mango Butter lipsticks $5 (retail $18 – $30)
Korres body products $10

BOTTOM LINE: Run like the wind, cancel your lunch and go to this sale because you will not see these kinds of prices at Sephora or Ulta. The staff was very friendly and super helpful, although there’s just one person running the sale. Some items like shower gels, body butters, and lip products were being restocked. If you can’t find your favorite color or scent it can’t hurt to ask. I also have some great news for those unable to make it to the sale. The organizers informed me that they will be holding another sample sale before Christmas! How’s that for an early present 🙂

270 Lafayette St., Suite 706
10am – 4pm

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