Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale in August?!!!

It was only a week ago that final markdowns at the Manolo Blahnik boutique on 54th St. had shoppers in a frenzy. Stiletto aficionados were patiently waiting in line for nearly an hour, trying to get their hands on discounted signature styles from the beloved shoe couturier. The label famously hosts a biannual sample sale at the Warwick Hotel where shoes start as low as $100. While open to general public, the somewhat secretive nature of this sale (the dates are not always announced until the very last minute or incorrect info is released) may add to the cult mystique but doesn’t necessarily make it a pleasant shopping experience. If you have ever attended one of these sales, you know what I mean (hoarding, grabbing, crowds worse than a Tokyo subway at rush hour, etc.). So why the backstory? What the heck am I talking about since the next sale isn’t due until November? Well, do I have news for you!

The top share holders and executives at Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus (President and CEO) and Anthony Yurgaitis (Vice President) happen to own a dairy farm in Litchfield, CT. Arethusa Farm, purchased by the pair in 1999, has been producing high quality dairy products from its ribbon award winning cows. Putting their day jobs to good use, the duo is using their fashion connections to raise money for agricultural scholarships by, you guessed it, holding a sample sale!
Scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, August 15th., Arethusa Farm is hosting a one day sample sale with proceeds going towards Arethusa Farm Scholarship Fund for agricultural students at the University of Connecticut. From 9am to 4pm you will have an opportunity to buy Manolo Blahnik sample and overstock shoes at unbelievable prices. Available in a full range of sizes (34 – 42). While I do not have an exact price list for this year, at previous sales prices started at $100 for basic style shoes and topped out at $500. I believe pricing to be very similar to the NYC sample sales at the Warwick but will be sure to keep you updated if I receive any additional information. 
For now you may want to start planning your carpool commute. Unfortunately the location is quiet far from any MetroNorth stations, making the journey nearly impossible without a car. A taxi from New Haven to Litchfield will likely run over $100 🙁 I usually focus on sales in the city or at least accessible by public transport (full disclosure: like a typical New Yorker I do not drive) but this is just too good of a sale. Not only will you have an opportunity to shop in a more calm and serene atmosphere, your money will actually be going towards support of next generation farmers.
(Hosted by Arethusa Farm)
Bantam Fire House
92 Doyle Rd.
Bantam, CT 
Saturday, August 15
9:00am – 4:00pm

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