260 Post Labor Day Last Call Sale.

This week the folks at 260 Sample Sale are having a special clearance sale, unloading much of the overstock accumulate from previous events. Equal parts menswear and ladies’ apparel, the sale features designers like Velvet, Roberta Freymann, DKNY, and John Varvatos with prices starting at just $5. If the sale sounds vaguely familiar that is because the merchandise is identical to the month-long event held in August. It’s worth noting that unlike the last sale, there is no dressing room, but there is a mirror so make sure to dress accordingly.
Women’s apparel is situated amongst the racks in the middle of the room. You will find colorful $20 dresses and $15 tunics from Roberta Freymann, as well as her other labels: Roberta Roller Rabbit and Ro’s Market. I also spotted a few jackets for $30 but only a handful of scarves (on the table by the registers).

Roberta Freymann
Roberta Freymann dress
Roberta Freymann dress $20
Ro’s Market by Roberta Freymann
Roberta Freymann dress $20
Ro’s Market by Roberta Freymann

There are several packed racks of basic summery tanks ($10) and tops ($15) from Velvet by Graham & Spenser. Moving towards the back you can find $15 shorts and pants as well as some $20 dresses. If you look carefully through each rack you can also find designers not mentioned in the price lists, namely a few random jeans from Maison Scotch/Scotch and Soda, a pair of trousers by 10 Crosby/Derek Lam, and a couple of random Krizia pieces. I saw a metallic silver dress with an original price tag of $1,995 for only $20. It is pretty dated though and was probably the only undamaged Krizia item out there. My advice is not to comb through the racks in search of treasures as you will inevitably be disappointed but instead concentrate on the main merchandise, ie Velvet and Roberta Freymann. I also saw a small rack with DKNY tops and bottoms for $15 and dresses for $20.

Velvet blouse $15
DKNY top $15
Assorted bottoms $15
Krizia dress $20 (retail $1,995)

A tiny selection of $20 footwear was located next to the bag check, where I mostly saw dated and slightly damaged shoes by Krizia, Jean-Michel Cazabat, and some brands I can no longer recall. Everything is a one off with random sizing and honestly not worth it. The soles have some strange round and rectangular holes (perhaps from hardware labels? that are no longer there). Either way its pretty meh in my opinion.

Women’s shoes $20
Krizia sandals $20

There is a special $40 rack with bottoms (mostly pants in very small sizes XS/34-36) from Barbara Bui. There is a much larger Barbara Bui selection at 151 Wooster St. and I was informed by the organizers that the sale has been extended past Labor Day, likely through the end of the month. Just keep in mind that the aforementioned sample sale is a lot pricier.

Assorted Barbara Bui bottoms
Barbara Bui pants $40

Barbara Bui skirt $40

Menswear is located along the left side of the venue. There are tightly packed racks stretching the entire length of the room with $20 tees, $30 shirts, $30-75 blazers, $30 trousers, $30 shorts, and more. Most of the merchandise is from John Varvatos with a few racks of Velvet and DKNY, also an occasional Gant piece. Towards the back, there is a special $5 rack of Lark & Wolff black jackets in dire need of ironing. But hey, they’re just $5! This was almost reminiscent of those suits you sometimes see sold out in the street lol

$20 tees
Lark & Wolff jackets $5
Large inventory of trousers 
Gant blazer (retail $188)
DKNY blazer $30 (retail $129)

There is also a very small selection of footwear ($20-$30) on a table along the right wall. Closer to the registers you can find Jonh Varvatos ties for $25 as well as some wallets/card cases.

Shoes $20
John Varvatos ties $25
John Varvatos wallets $10-$15

BOTTOM LINE: Unless you happen to be in the area you can probably skip this one. There are some nicely priced basics for both men and women but it does not necessarily warrant a trip to Fifth Avenue. I do not expect any further reductions but will update if I hear anything new.

260 Fifth Ave.
Tuesday, September 8 – Sunday, September 13
10:00am – 7:00pm

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