Between A Rock And A Hard Candy There Are Real Bargains At The Ippolita Sample Sale.

UPDATE: 9/19 Additional markdowns.

This week has turned out to be pretty great for jewelry lovers. First with Baublebar and its vast selection of bargain priced costume jewelry and then on the opposite end of the spectrum with the Ippolita sample sale. Here you can find modest discounts on 18K solid gold and sterling silver fine jewelry.

I dropped by around closing time to see what was on hand. Discounts ranged from mostly 65% off to 75% off original prices on select categories. Gold, silver, and rosé jewelry was 65% off retail, that could be as high as $30k to about $500 before discounts. Prices were not stellar and Soiffer Haskin are known for offering incremental markdowns as the sale progresses. Of course if you are interested in a very specific item or stone it may be best to go sooner rather than later as there were one of a kind items and discontinued styles.

Gold/Silver/Rosé 65% 
Men’s 65% 
Charms 70% or 3+ for 75% 
Notte 75% 
Leather and Python wrap bracelets $75 
Yellow sticker with white tag 70% off for gold and 75% off for silver. 

You guys should know by now that I am all about bargains. If there is a best deal at the sale or an item that offers the highest discount I will hunt it down Liam Neeson style 😉 So does this mean there was something for a bargain lover at this otherwise pricy sample sale? The answer is yes! It’s easy to overlook the sign with number 75 and just assume it refers to 75% off retail but no, there is a special $75 section. Yep, $75 for items that retailer as high as $795 ( 90% off savings… favorite). The sale offered a generous selection of leather wrap bracelets with gold and silver clasps for just $75. That’s insanely cheap for a brand such as Ippolita. Especially considering that the clasps were made from either genuine 18K gold or sterling silver. The styles ranged from leather hook clasp in navy, black, brown, and orange for men to leather and python for the ladies. The latter bore an original price tag of $795 for gold toggle clasps and $695 for gold hook clasps. They came in a range of colors like blush, magenta, blue, teal, yellow, orange, brown, and black. Both women’s and men’s versions were available in sizes from 1 to 3. The leather men’s styles in silver started at $295, that’s less savings but those colors were also more practical. And of course the biggest bang for your buck came in the form of python bracelets with 18K gold toggle clasp. The bracelets are also all made in Italy.

Now for those of you in the market for investment pieces there was a full range of Ippolita signature Rock Candy line, from bangles to rings to earrings and necklaces. They also had Lollipop rings and Glamazon bangles amongst other things. All jewelry is displayed in glass cases in the center of the room. If you decide to purchase something, a salesperson will put away the item for you and it will be waiting at the register.
I also wanted to mention this fun/strange nugget. As I was browsing the gold selection I noticed one of the bracelets had a “Made in China” tag (stupidly I did not take a photo). For a brand that sells for thousands of dollars that seemed odd. Ippolita is a New York based company created by an Italian artist and primarily manufactured in Italy. The sales staff mentioned that the stones can come from India, China and South America but seemed baffled by that aforementioned sticker. I am not deeply versed in Ippolita but if I am spending that kind of money I would hope it’s made in Italy 😉
A bonus nugget for you my readers is that I got the scoop on Soiffer Haskin’s upcoming schedule! Next up will be Loro Piana and come late October……..its Hermés time!!! I will update when I have exact dates and hours.

BOTTOM LINE: The wrap bracelets were priced to sell at just $75. These deals weren’t exactly aimed at your average Ippolita shopper who would be more inclined to check out signature lines like Rock Candy instead. So use this to your advantage bargainistas and scoop up those deals 😉 Additional markdowns will be coming throughout the duration of the sale but I would not expect discounts of more than 80% off.
317 West 33 St.
Thursday – Friday 9am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am – 6pm

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