Final Day of Paragon Warehouse Sale.

Another sale coming to an end tonight is Paragon Sports‘ annual warehouse sale. Originally scheduled to end this past Sunday it was extended through today. I was curious to see whether additional markdowns made this sale worthwhile since I was rather unimpressed with the deals during the early days.

Most categories currently offer additional 20% off sale prices. These include roller and ice skates, ski and snowboard boots, tennis rackets, majority of sports apparel (including designer ski outerwear like Moncler), Oakley sunglasses, Timex watches, and more. Sneakers on the other hand only offer additional discounts if you buy more than three pairs (buy 3 get 4th free). There are also special apparel racks for men and women with an additional 50% off sale prices making the items displayed around $10-$30. I saw polo shirts from Ralph Lauren for men, beach cover ups and maxi dresses for women. While relatively cheap you can get similar if not cheaper prices during holiday sales at Macy’s or Lord and Taylor. Paragon actually offers to beat competitors’s pricing if you can show proof but I’m not sure whether the hassle is worth the time investment and whether online prices are accepted or if these have to be current deals. Generally speaking I did not see any amazing or even just good deals.
Yoga tights for $32? I can do much better online, running kicks for $65 and up. The recent Asics sample sale was much better than that. I suppose if you dig through the mess that is the footwear section you might find some Nike or Adidas but how much are you actually going to save versus online flash sales or even department stores? Not much is my answer. Moving on to designer ski apparel, there were a few very nice Moncler jackets. The catch? They were for infants and toddlers! I saw this super cute toddler vest for about $78 (this is cheaper than current Gilt sale) while women’s jackets consisted of just a few parkas and rather drab colors. Not the investment Moncler piece you may be hoping for. There was  also a selection of branded sports team apparel but you would be hard pressed to find something from any of NY teams. Sure there’s an occasional t-shirt or jersey but who really wants to buy a Deron Williams Nets jersey? (you know what I mean if you follow basketball).

BOTTOM LINE: Even with these additional markdowns I was not impressed with this sale. Granted I am not a typical shopper this sale is intended to attract but as a deal finder, all I could think of is that I can do better elsewhere. Perhaps the good deals can be found if you are looking for very specific items. Say a wet suit for diving or snowboarding gear. Also if you have small children and are buying multiple pairs of footwear or your kids need tennis or hockey gear you might walk away with good deals. Also if you want to splurge on your little one, Moncler jackets and vests may be worth a look.

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