Mr. Smith Goes to SoHo – The Return Of Paul Smith Sample Sale

UPDATE: 10/3 Now extra 50% off. 10/2 Now additional 30% off.

Yesterday morning marked the start of a five day long Paul Smith sample sale. The British label, known for its classic with a twist aesthetic, extra-sharp tailoring, and unmistakable Englishness made a very welcome return stateside. The doors opened early to friends and family and I joined a large turnout of eager shoppers who were ready to pounce on the wide selection of merchandise and impressive first day prices. The sale featured shoes and apparel for men, women and children at advertised discounts of up to 75% off retail. I’m happy to report that I saw even deeper discounts (think as high as 90% off) on certain items. There was also a fantastic selection of new and vintage books, gifts, collectibles, ceramics, glassware, and tabletop goods. 

The sale was well stocked with shoes and apparel. Ladies clothing was located along the left wall and consisted of office appropriate shirts ($75), seasonal knits ($90), dresses (summer and winter styles for $160), skirts ($70) pants ($90), jackets ($220) and outerwear ($265). You can check out the price lists below for complete breakdown. The latter category in particular could be a real bargain if you managed to find a leather or shearling piece that retails for $2,000-$3,000! All clothes are made in Italy, of finest materials and I was pleasantly surprised to see such favorable discounts, especially on the first day. Sizes ranged from Italian 38 – 46. There was no dressing room but there were mirrors.

Shirt $75
Dress $160 (retail $815) 
Dress $160 (retail $900)
Dress $160
Leather jacket $265
Wool coat $265 
Wool dress coat $265 (retail $2,110)

Paul Smith is known first and foremost as a leading menswear designer so unsurprising majority of the shoppers perusing the racks were men. There was a large assortment of season appropriate merchandise as well as summer styles that may need to wait until your next tropical vacation. Men’s categories were priced similar to women’s with $75 shirts, $90 knitwear and trousers, $70 jeans, $220 sports coats, and $265 outerwear. Please consult the price lists for full details. Suits were priced at $450 and could be found towards the back of the venue.

Moving on to shoes, priced $75 for sandals and sneakers or $125 for all other styles. Ladies’ shoes were located in the middle of the room, between apparel and the registers. There was also a plastic bin with size 7 samples but they were the same price as the styles on the tables. Men’s shoes could be found all the way in the back of the venue. Sizes were predominantly UK 7-9 although there were larger sizes as well. I overheard some gents mention that you really need to try everything on as sizing varies by style. Classic loafers, oxfords, and brogues were particular highlights.

Women’s shoes $75-$125 
Dress shoes $125
Sandals $75
Women’s sandals $75
Men’s dress shoes $125 
Men’s sneakers $75

As mentioned earlier, the sample sale also featured a large assortment of tabletop and decor. In the middle of the venue were shelves with glassware, barware, toys, tech accessories like Wesc headphones, Christmas ornaments, decorative accents and so much more. Items were color coded with stickers and started at $5 for green, $10 for blue, $30 for yellow, and $40 for red. In a nearby bin I spotted papier-mâché parrots, parakeets, and toucans for just $5 each. In hindsight I really should have bought one, with Halloween around the corner, they would have made a perfect accessory to any pirate costume at the fraction of a coast of typical costume shops. Speaking of Halloween, amongst the varied book selection there were Penguin Horror series classics such as “Frankenstein” and “The Haunting Of Hill House” also for just $5. Fashion lovers could find Rizzoli and Assouline luxury coffee table books on Fendi, Bulgari, and Cartier for example. The aforementioned selections were a bit pricier at $40 but considering these books retail at $125 that’s a pretty good deal.

Tabletop and glassware $5-$40
Wesc Cymbal iPhone compatible headphones $20 (retail $120) 
Penguin Horror collection $5 each

Hardcover books $10-$40

Arr, matey! Shiver me timbers I should have bought them for my Halloween costume.
Also available were accessories for both men and women. Handbags were surely the biggest hit with some ladies grabbing 3-5 bags. The leather Made in Italy bags were priced $80 – $300 based on size and retail between ($500 – $1,800). I spotted the Handcrafted Calf Leather Tote Fishing bag that currently sells online for $1,750 for only $300. There were bins with scarves, hats, belts, socks, swimwear, and more. Along the tables near the registers was a selection of jewelry from British designer Simon Harrison and French designer Philippe Ferrandis. Also priced with color coded stickers from $5 – $40. Some pieces were a steal since they retailed as high as $500 – $900. There was also a big selection of $25 cuff links in various styles and colors. Closer to the registers you’ll find wallets, key chains, card cases, phone cases, etc.

Starlet shoulder bag $200 (retail $1,195)
Starlet shoulder bag $200 (retail $1,195)
Women’s leather handbags $200-$300 (retail $615-$1,750) 
Scarves $35, belts $25-$50, socks $12, undies $25
Hats $35
Jewelry $5 – $40, cufflinks $25

Children’s selection was rather small and consisted of two plastic bins in the back, next to men’s accessories bins. There were adorable Paul Smith Jr pieces mostly in infant and toddler sizes. I saw this bunny and matching t-shirt gift set for just $10 (retail $115). It is worth digging through if you have a little one. 

BOTTOM LINE: This was a most welcome return for a brand that’s been absent from the sample sale circuit for the past few years. The sale offers everything from apparel to shoes to bags to gifts to decor at great prices for such quality merchandise. Gents, if you are reading this, drop what you’re doing and head to the sale ASAP! Ladies you are encouraged to do the same although with restocking highly unlikely, handbag and jewelry selection is probably depleted at this point. There is a possibility of further discounts in the last few days and I will keep you updated on that front.
151 Wooster St.
Wednesday – Friday   10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday                      10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday                         11:00am – 4:00pm

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