Up Your Sparkle And Bling Game With Baublebar


The ever-popular Baublebar sample sale opened its doors early this afternoon and yours truly was on hand to scope out the deals. Founded in 2011 by two Harvard Business School grads, Baublebar quickly became the go-to destination for trendy fashion jewelry. The company sources it’s merchandise directly from the manufacturers, effectively cutting out the middleman and allowing for greater savings that are passed on to the consumer.

As I first entered the venue I was struck by the huge selection of jewelry and accessories. Besides the obvious sparkly baubles, the sale also featured items like jewelry boxes, ring trays, cosmetics gift sets, and assorted decorative pieces. The flyer sent out by the organizers mentioned prices starting at $10 but I am happy to report that much like the last sample sale, prices actually started at just $5 and topped out at $25. All items are sporting colorful tags to denote the pricing:

 Red: $5 Orange: $10 Yellow: $15 Blue: $20 Green: $25
Everything is arranged by category and price but inevitably things get mixed in, especially since we’re dealing with jewelry so those tags are a huge help. Before diving into the sale make sure to grab one of the plastic trays to carry your selections.
Loads of necklaces
$15 chokers


Larger statement and bib necklaces dominated the sale and were among the pricier items at $20 – $25. They mostly retail for $50-$70. I spotted many fun, colorful and on-trend necklaces that will go great with a sweater or a collared shirt, especially once the cold weather returns.


$25 necklace
$10 necklace
$20 necklace
This necklace was just $10


For the cheapest deals, check out the $5 trays with rings, earrings, and bracelets. You’ll find earrings on the tables near the coat check and along the nearby wall. Rings and cuffs were located towards the back. With lots of styles to choose from, like the feminine floral motifs or more edgier punk inspired pieces. You will need to devote an adequate amount of time in order to sort through the huge selection.

$10 rings
$5 rings
$5 bracelets
$5 earrings
Bracelet $5
Eddie Borgo inspired bracelet $5
Chain link bracelets in different colors $10 each
Hair clips $10


For those of you not crazy about big chunky jewelry there was a small selection of delicate items sprinkled throughout the tables. Also of interest was the accessories section in the back. Amongst the displayed items were gift sets by Stila x Baublebar. They were a great bargain at just $10 for the Best of Kitten Gift Set (originally $65). As if that’s not enough of a bargain for you, the set also included a $10 gift card to www.baublebar.com. Essentially making it a freebie!


Stila Best of Kitten gift sets $10 ($147 value!)
Hand creams $10
Piggy banks $10
Assorted accessories like pencils, notepads, etc.
Cosmetics cases ($5-$10) and Benefit gift sets $15
Jewelry cases ($15) and scarves
$20 jewelry boxes

BOTTOM LINE: The sale offers a great opportunity to stock up on trendy fashion jewelry without breaking the bank. If possible, try to avoid going during lunchtime or right after work as there will be crowds and long lines to the register. There will be restocking for most of the jewelry and I will keep you updated in case there are any further markdowns.

260 Fifth Ave.
Tuesday 1pm – 8pm
Wednesday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm

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