Back To The Basics At James Perse Sample Sale

The Los Angeles based brand is holding their fall sample sale this week. James Perse is known for casual yet sophisticated looks and soft lightweight fabrics, perfectly capturing that effortless So-Cal style. The sale features tons of basics for women and men with discounts of up to 75% off original prices. From $30 t-shirts to $70 shorts and trousers and the more pricier collection items like $150 sweaters and jackets. Please refer to the price list below for the full breakdown.

Like most sales at 260 women’s apparel was located in the middle while menswear could be found on the left side of the venue. A dressing room is available in the back. There were racks and racks upon racks of basic tees and shirts, especially for men. In a wide selection of muted colors there was no shortage of summery basics. Sizes came in a range of 1-4. Ladies can also take a look at lightweight sheaths and t-shirt dresses.  If the laid back California lifestyle is your thing you’ll be happy to find clothes perfectly suited for doing absolutely nothing, aka the loungewear section. For the more active minded the clothing will double as yoga gear. There was also James Perse Yosemite branded fitness wear in the back, opposite the dressing room. Among the accessories I spotted $75 scarves, $20 hats, and $60 canvas totes. There was a small and unimpressive selection of shoes near the registers. Collection sweaters, jackets and outerwear were located at the front of the venue and priced at $150.

Women’s dresses $60

Tees $30

Shirts $60 

Lounge wear $30

Collection jackets $150

Women’s sweaters $150
Outerwear $150
Men’s shirts $60 
Men’s  short sleeve tees $30 

Men’s jackets $150
Scarves $75
Totes $60
$20 hats and shoes $70-$340
BOTTOM LINE: James Perse has always been famous for pricy basics and this sale is no exception. You are still paying $30 for a t-shirt that you will probably need to layer with another $30 t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong these are were nice tees made in USA from organic cotton but they’re not worth the current price tag. My advice is to wait for further markdowns in the last few days. Even the brand employees shopping the F&F preview were lamenting the good old days when prices were lower and they enjoyed a higher employee discount.
James Perse
260 Fifth Ave
Tuesday – Thursday  10am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday  10am – 5pm 

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