Choosy Shoppers Will Want To Shop The Jimmy Choo Sample Sale On Friday

UPDATE: Sale extended until 6pm.

This week’s Jimmy Choo sample sale opened its doors at 11am on Thursday, with about 60 eager shoppers waiting in line. The friends and family sale that is taking place at its usual haunt, the Metropolitan Pavilion, was initially open only to those who received official invites. But much like in years past organizers were going to let the general public shop later in the afternoon.

Once inside I found the pricing to be much the same with a few exceptions. Small leather goods were now $100 instead of $75 and there was also an extra $100 surcharge for exotic shoe styles. Ladies shoes started at $200 for generic styles, $250 for other styles, $325 for jeweled/embellished catwalk and bootie styles, and $375 for boots. Men’s footwear started at $200 for shoes and topped out at $375 for boots. In case you were wondering whats considered generic, catwalk or other all you need to do is make note of the color coded plastic ties on each pair of shoes. Please refer to the price sheet below for more details. As always there was a sea of shoes strewn across and under the tables lining the walls around the huge room. Men’s shoes were located in the back and on the right side while most of the women’s shoes are along the left wall. Sizes range from 34-42 for ladies and 39-46 for gentlemen. There were tons of styles although majority were sparkly and glittery heels and sandals. If you are in search of special event shoes then this is the place to be. I did see more functional styles like flats, slip-ons, sneakers, pumps, and boots. Although boots in particular very few and far between, maybe 1-2 pairs per size.

The sale also featured a large selection of handbags from shiny bright colored evening bags ($350) to daytime leather bags in small ($250) and large ($450) sizes. Exotic styles incurred an extra $200 supplement. As mentioned earlier small leather goods went up by $25 to $100. There was a fairly decent selection of star studded zip around continental wallets, tech accessories like ipad cases and phone pouches, luggage tags, keychains, and leather cup sleeves.

BOTTOM LINE: My advice is to wait for the last few hours of the sale on Friday for any type of bargain shopping. As someone who shopped the Jimmy Choo F&F sample sales for many, many years I found the selection and prices underwhelming. Lots of repeats from past seasons and yes damaged shoes. Two-three years ago damages had their own category of $100 and under, now those were the good old days so you can understand why I found the current prices frown worthy. Never the less if you can hold off ’til Friday afternoon you may be rewarded with steep discounts. Also worth noting that Met Pavilion security have been known to bar entry 30-45min before the sale’s scheduled end so make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Happy Shopping 🙂

Jimmy Choo
123 West 18th St., 4th Floor
Friday 8am – 6pm

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