Hermès Sample Sale Has Epic Discounts And Long Wait Times.

UPDATE: 10/24 No enamels, no scarves, no perfumes, only a few pink (ugly) ties, just lacquered bangles in M and S, some silver rings/pendants/cuffs and still lots of clothes/shoes/hats/swim. 

UPDATE: 10/23 There is a new limit of 3 enamels, 5 ties, and 2 scarves. Also no restocking on scarves so inventory nearly depleted. 

The crème de la crème of all sample sales is taking place at Soiffer Haskin over the next several days and I am of course talking about Hermès. The ultra luxurious French label kicked off the public version of their sale early yesterday morning. Fervent fans began lining up during the dark hours of the night and by 7am the line was 170 strong and growing. When the doors opened at 9am the queue was well over 300 and curving along 9th Avenue, towards 32nd Street and back down towards 8th Ave. I wish I had better news but the wait times were (and will continue to be) horrendous. This sale ended up drawing record crowds and I was sad to hear that many shoppers who arrived after 10am and waited for 8 hours were unable to get in. Hopefully Friday and Saturday things will fare better.

Despite those awful queues the prices made up for or at least made it easier to swallow the wait times. All merchandise was discounted 60% off original retail price and included RTW, shoes, scarves, ties, jewelry, gloves, swimwear, and hats. No perfumes or home goods this time. There was a limit of 5 jewelry items, 5 scarves, and 10 ties per person. Photography was not allowed but you could keep your phones. Unfortunately I was unable to sneak any pics this time. The security personnel was over vigilant and my giant iPhone 6 didn’t make things easier. Instead I will be linking to my Pinterest board, hope you guys can understand 🙂

Some of the highlights among the enamels

The glass counters displaying jewelry could be found on the right hand side, as you enter the venue. Consisting mostly of enamel bangles in 65cm and 70cm the stock was plentiful but the selection was lacking, particularly in mega and 65cm sizes. Bangles were priced $172 for 0.5″ narrow, $220 for 1″ wide, $280 for 1.5″ extra wide, and $304 for 2″ mega. Among the patterns on display were Astrologie Nouvelle, Clous de Trompe L’Oeil, Brandebourgs, Nouveau Rocabar, Optique Chaine d’Ancre, Rayures Mosaïque, and Brazil. In order to look at something you needed to wait for help from one of the SAs. Even then it was problematic, trying to elbow your way through other shoppers just to take a peek at a particular part of the display case. I was really hoping to buy a calèche but alas there was literally just one and not in my size but it found a good home 😉 The staffers were restocking the enamels although only in the styles already displayed. All of the back stock was also just 70cm so sadly it’s slim pickings for smaller wrists. There were no 62cm bangles at all (if anyone’s interested). Other jewelry consisted of leather bracelets, horn earrings and pendants all priced 60% off retail. 

Moving on to the scarves, found in the middle of the room, the selection was much smaller compared to last year. Prices were great of course with 90cm silks at $158, 70cm $120, 45cm gavroche $70, and twilly $64 (there were no more twillies when I got there). Many patterns and colors skewed darker. Lots of brown, green, olive, navy, and black. If you were in search of something brighter or more colorful your task was pretty tough. Among the patterns I saw were Camails, Les Jeux d’Hermès, Mecanique du Temps, Les Trophées, Robinson Chic, Trésors Retrouvés, Photo Finish, Les Bolides, Parure de Maharajas, Galop Chromatique, and Tigre du Bengal.  There were also dip-dyes, cotton and wool blends, and a handful of beaded scarves.

Men’s accessories and ties were also located in the middle of the room, right behind the scarves. Priced at $72 for twill/woven styles and $90 for basket weave. 
Other accessories included leather gloves that could be found at the end of the jewelry counters. Past them and along the back wall was a large selection of hats. You might recall my epic Century 21 find, an Hermès hat for $39! 60% just doesn’t do it for me after that lol
Ladies shoes were located on the left and there were chairs and mirrors available. There were sandals, wedges, pumps, sneakers, and boots. Prices came out to about $350-$550 on average. It is still fairly expensive but probably the best you can get considering its Hermès. Apparel could be found on nearby racks and included everything from basics to outerwear.

Scarves (limit 5)
90cm $158
70cm $120
45cm $70
Twilly $64
Enamels (limit 5)
Narrow $172
Wide $220
Extra Wide $280
Mega $304
Ties (limit 10)
Twill/Woven $72
Basket Weave $90
Early morning crowd
Epic lines stretching along the Post Office all the way to 9th Ave and beyond
BOTTOM LINE: These were the best discounts I’ve seen in years! Short of shopping in Paris with VAT refunds and current Euro exchange rates you won’t find comparable deals anywhere else. Normally my advice would be to run ASAP but unfortunately the wait times are so bad this year that they may not justify these deals. Unless you can get there around 4-5am you might as well stay home. I will keep you updated on how the lines fare today but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for Saturday.
317 West 33rd St.
Friday 9am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm

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