Shopping The Fall Sandro Sample Sale

UPDATE: Extra 20% off.

After a nice break on the west coast I am back in the city and what do you think is on my agenda? But of course…….it’s sample sale time! First up was the Sandro sample sale on Fifth Avenue.

The sale officially opens to the public Tuesday morning but I’m here doing the legwork so you guys can decide if it’s worth waiting in line at the crack of dawn 😉 To start with, I was rather disappointed to see that prices on select categories were higher this time. For instance leather trousers were $295 (last April they were $195) that’s a $100 more! Coats are $275 (last sale $225),  cardigans $95 (up from $85), but jeans were lower at $50 instead of $60, blazers at $150 instead of $175 so depending on what category interests you the most discounts will vary. Still though, if you are a fan of the brand you’ll be happy to find such Parisian style quintessentials like leather, black, black, and more black!, as well as lace and mesh panels, gold/silver metallic fabrics, and of course furs.

Like most sales at 260 that feature women’s and men’s apparel, you can find menswear on the left side along the wall while ladies clothing takes up the middle portion of the venue. There was a communal dressing room in the back. Sizes ranged from 1-3 (S-L) and French sizes 34-40. The selection consisted of outerwear, jackets, sweaters, dresses, trousers, jeans, skirts, shoes, and accessories.
Outerwear selection was particularly robust with $495 furs, $250 leather jackets, and $275 wool coats, puffers, trenches, and more. With a wide range of colors from the typical black and white to pastels, browns, reds, oranges, and blues.

Tshirts were among the cheaper offerings at $45 while most tops were $75. Jeans were $50, trousers and skirts $75, jackets $95, dresses $95. Please check out the full price lists for all additional categories. You may recall my lamentations over the demise of Vente Privee USA which was my go to source for deeply discounted Sandro/Maje apparel. I spotted style after style that I’ve bought for $25-$50 in years past but alas most of you are not in the same boat. I also found the skirt (in the photo below) during Century 21’s 90% off sale for just $11 so from my point of view I just could not reconcile with these higher prices.

Shoes for both men and women could be found all the way in the back and were priced at $150 for shoes/boots and $125 for sneakers. Keep in mind that sizes are French (that’s a size smaller than EU/IT) and predominantly 38-39 (US 7-8). It’s still worth to try everything on because I personally find French sizes very uneven (across many other French brands).

Despite what it says on the price list there were no handbags of any size. In fact the accessories selection was pretty paltry. There were belts and scarves, a handful of beanies and gloves. Jewelry selection if you can even call it that consisted of just two styles.

Menswear took up the left side of the room and included puffer coats, jackets, tshirts, sweaters, trousers, and more. Check out the pricelist above for more details.

BOTTOM LINE: This week is set to feature a myriad of sample sales from lust worthy designers. My advice is to save your $$$ and wait for further discounts. Unless you are a die-hard Sandro fan the prices were just a bit high. Admittedly I am more of a Maje fan so my opinion may be biased 😉 Happy shopping!
260 Fifth Ave
Tuesday – Saturday  10am – 8pm
Sunday   10am – 5pm

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