Swarovski Sample Sale Brings Major Discounts.

UPDATE: Discounts now 60% to 75% for fashion jewelry and accessories and 90% for fine jewelry!

Swarovski is hosting their first ever New York warehouse sale this week. The event is taking place at Metropolitan Pavilion, just one floor above the Jimmy Choo sample sale. The Austrian brand that recently celebrated their 120 year anniversary is world renowned for their crystal and glass goods.

While the sale officially opened this past Wednesday I decided to wait and hit a trifecta of sample sales the next day. With Swarovski, Jimmy Choo, and David Yurman all within mere feet of each other. After leaving Jimmy Choo empty handed (Friday is when to shop for bargains) I went up to the fifth floor to check out Swarovski offerings and I was not disappointed.
The sale is neatly organized with tables arranged in a rectangular pattern in the middle of the room. There are plenty of helpful staffers to tell you all about the merchandise on offer as well as answer any questions you might have. Discounts ranged from 50% to 80% off original prices on Swarovski signature crystals, jewelry, and accessories. There were rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and gifts like mini crystal figurines and USB pens. The sale also featured a selection of fine jewelry: 14K yellow and rose gold and sterling silver bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces were located along the right hand wall and priced at 80% off!
A gold bracelet with diamonds that retails for $2,500 was now $500. Silver Petal bangles were down to $88 from $440. Among the styles available were: Eternal Wave bangles in gold/rose gold/silver and diamond,  Sterling silver Facet Weave Pattern bangles, Gold Swan Heart pendants, Pink Sapphire Eternal Wave rings. Bangles came in small, medium, and large sizes but due to high demand not all were available in each style. Rings were available in sizes 5-9 with larger sizes having the most variety. The staffers assured me that all their fine jewelry is made in Austria although it’s assembled in places like Taiwan and China. Still these prices can’t be beat and for what it’s worth, high end jewelry brands like Yurman and Ippolita also have their jewelry manufactured in Asia. But getting back to Swarovski, if you want to compare the warehouse prices to other sales look no further than Nordstrom Rack. The store currently offers exact same merchandise on their site for 50%-60% off while the sample sale is 80% and more discounts are expected on Friday. Before heading to the register do t forget to fill out an entry form to win a statement necklace from Swarovski. Check out the photos below to get an idea of what kind of items are still available just keep in mind that prices listed below are RETAIL as discounts would have changed by now. Sorry you have to do your own math this time 😉 Happy Shopping!

Earrings $125-$150
Rosette earrings retail $90
Crystal drop earrings retail $90
Nirvana ring retail $190
Bouquet two finger rings only in size 60 (9)
Rings retail $260 
Filigree rings retail $125 
Tactic crystal rings retail $150

Amber pendant retail $220
Statement necklace
Necklace retail $950
Fashion jewelry bangles only in size large 

Emoti Energy figurine retail $95
Galaxy phone cases retail $80 (only old tech cases available)
Chronograph watch retail $900
USB pens retail $80
Fine jewelry at 80% off 
Sterling silver rings
Sterling silver faceted bangle
Eternal wave bangles in gold and silver
Gold swan heart pendant necklace
Mini petal pendant necklaces
BOTTOM LINE: Today is the last day of the sale and discounts are too good to pass up. Make sure to stop by the sale and grab some early holiday gifts for friends, family, and yourself 🙂 Fine jewelry in particular is an absolute bargain at 80% off retail.
Swarovski Warehouse Sale
123 West 18th St., 5th Floor
Friday 9am – 7pm

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