A. Testoni Sample Sale

UPDATE: Final day markdowns: extra $20 off men’s shoes, all belts and women’s shoes $80.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week is chock full of worthy sample sales including the one from A. Testoni. The venerable Italian brand, famed for their impeccably crafted footwear is holding a three day sample sale inside their midtown showroom. Founded in 1929 Bologna by Amedeo Testoni the company now includes an expanded selection of shoes for men and women, as well as belts, handbags, and luggage.

Located only a few blocks away from Versace sample sale it was a no brainer to check out both sales. I arrived to find a handful of (mostly male) shoppers inside the Testoni showroom. The selection for men was wide and varied with sizes 8 to 13 (although 9.5-11.5 were most abundant). Prices ranged from $100 to $500 (up to 80% off) based on color coded stickers. A. Testoni shoes retail anywhere between $500 to $2,000 and while discounts were not exactly rock bottom it’s probably the best deals you can find for this highly coveted brand.
Silver (samples) $70
Gold $100
Pink $150
Yellow $200
Purple $250
Red $300
Dark Blue $500
Among the styles on display I saw derby shoes, oxfords, slipons, sneakers, and boots. There were stacks of shoeboxes almost head high all along the right side of the room. The staffers also informed me that there will be minor restocking but no additional markdowns. The cheapest shoes were the $70 production samples, located on the left hand side next to women’s shoes. There were maybe two or three pairs in not so pristine condition. 
The sale also offered a small selection of women’s shoes including $70 production samples and overstock ($100-$500). Most of the stock footwear were wedges or pumps priced at $250. I’ll admit I was not even aware that Testoni made ladies shoes let alone how comfortable they were. These were the most heavenly fitting shoes that made me feel like Cinderella but alas the only ones in my size were true samples. Unfortunately they showed too much wear to justify even a $70 price tag. Unlike men’s shoes, women’s footwear will not be restocked as they are not yet officially carried in US boutiques and the inventory is very low. I saw sizes 35-40 but most were either 36 or 37.
Belts and wallets were also available for purchase. Priced $100-$250. You might spot racks of leather jackets and special display shoes in some of my photos but they are not part of the current sample sale.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a must stop for any stylish gentleman or lady (shopping for her man). Women’s selection and pricing are ok but don’t necessarily warrant a trip while every man needs to own a pair of A. Testoni shoes, especially  at these prices.
A. Testoni
30 West 57th St., 7th Floor
Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 6pm

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