The Kooples Sample Sale

UPDATE: 10/31 Extra 20% off (EXCLUDES outerwear and leather jackets).

October has been a month of French fashion at 260 Sample Sale’s two venues. From Maje to Sandro and now to The Kooples it’s your last chance to channel that inner Parisian street style maven. This week’s sale is replete with all your French necessities……black? check! leather? check! metallic studs and accents? double check! and let’s throw in a light doze of animal print. Expect to find plenty of apparel choices for both women and men, after all this is a couples brand (say it with a French accent).

The sale featured a good selection of $295 outerwear, including leather and suede jackets. Leather motorcycle jackets were a big hit with the F&F shoppers last evening and the selection was quickly dwindling. There were also $220 light jackets and $175 suit jackets. Men’s apparel was located at the front and left side of the venue while women’s clothes and shoes could be found towards the back and on the right. Sizes ranged from XS to XL with smaller sizes having the widest selection. There were two separate dressing rooms for men and women on each side of the room.

Leather jackets are going fast

Sweaters $85 

Tees $45 

Leather pants $280
Dresses $115
Leather bottoms $175

Light outerwear $220
Women’s denim $55
Men’s sweaters $85
Outerwear $295

Suit pants $85
Jacket $220
Men’s denim $65

Shoes were located all the way in the back (priced $125) with women’s sizes ranging from EU 36-41 and men’s EU 40-45. Men’s selection was tiny with majority of footwear being for women. Certain styles had a wide range of sizing options but mostly I spotted size 36 and 39.

Women’s shoes $125

Small selection of men’s footwear

Among accessories there were scarves, belts, gloves, hats, and handbags. The bags were the biggest bang for your buck in terms of discounts. All priced at $65 with original retail tags of $495-$595. I spotted Leopard Print Satchels as well as Fringed Drawstring Bags.

Bags and accessories
Leopard Print Satchels $65 
Leather gloves $55

BOTTOM LINE: Handbags were by far the best deal and if you are in search of a black leather jacket it may behoof you to stop by the sale sooner rather than later. As for everything else I found the prices to be rather high. The Kooples have taken USA by storm which also means the brand is available at discount retailers like Century 21. During the last clearance sale I found their dresses and tops for under $15. Granted that was during the big 90% off sale but the point is you can find better or at least comparable pricing elsewhere. My advice is wait for further discounts and hope they are more than just 20% off across the board.
The Kooples
151 Wooster St.
Tuesday  9am – 8pm
Wednesday – Friday 11am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

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