Très Maje-stique Sample Sale

UPDATE: Now extra 20% off sale prices.

I had a chance to preview the Maje sample sale last evening. After major disappointment at both Ferragamo and Club Monaco I was bracing for a price gouging trifecta but thankfully this was not the case at the land of Maje-ic 😉

The selection was truly magical with everything you could hope to find for an Autumn wardrobe refresh. Maje embodies Parisian chic with that understated feminine edge. Like many other contemporary French labels the clothes are manufactured in China but the quality is top notch. My Chanel clad friends have been known to ooh and ahh over Maje jackets and cardigans.
There were $250 leather jackets (in various colors but most importantly in black), $125 embellished cardigans, $95 metallic sweaters and $125 jackets, $75 sparkly jacquard tops and matching trousers, and even $495 fur coats.
In fact there were lots of coats from the aforementioned furs to parkas with fur trimmed hoods, to wool pea coats, to puffer coats and beyond for $295. Overall prices were cheaper than last year (not by much granted but $20-$50 difference per category is a big deal for fans of the label) with discounts around 75% off retail. Knits and furs were a particularly huge hit at yesterday’s preview. Over the years I’ve been very lucky to get my Maje fix through Vente Prive with discounts as high as 90% off but sadly the French version of Gilt closed shop on their US based venture and these sample sales are the next best thing. 

Fur Coat $495 

Fur trimmed coat $495 (retail $1,330)
Jacket $125 
Parcas with fur hoods 
Leather jacket $250
Most items were sizes 1,2,3 (Maje’s version of S,M,L) although there were some tops and dresses in more standard French sizes like 34/36. The sale certainly favors small and medium although I did see many 3’s just not in every category or style. The sale also offers a communal dressing room with mirrors in the back of the venue. Be prepared for possible wait times once the sale opens to the public.

Shoe selection was rather small with a handful of sizes per style. Located in the back, opposite the dressing room, boots were priced at $150, sneakers $125, and heels $125. Many of the styles were repeats from last year’s sale.

Before heading to the register check out the accessories displayed on nearby tables. They included very rock and roll studded belts and bracelets, large and small bags, scarves, jewelry, and hats. Please consult the price lists for a full breakdown.

BOTTOM LINE: This sale is a must for anyone in need of a seasonal wardrobe upgrade as well as die hard fans of the brand. Some categories were still a bit pricy but I highly recommend checking out the coats and knitwear. There will likely be markdowns towards the end but the good stuff will also be gone by then.

260 Fifth Ave
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

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