Versace Sample Sale Goes Public!

UPDATE: Now extra 50% off!

If you thought last week was crazy well you’re going to go nuts over all the sample sales taking place this week. Versace has graciously opened the doors to general public for their annual friends and family sale. It has been three years since the Italian label allowed mere mortals into the sanctity of the company’s NYC corporate headquarters.  If you are brave enough to stare into the face of the medusa and not turn to stone, join me as I delve into the belly of the beast.

Today marked the second of the three day event featuring Versace Collection, Versus, and Versace Jeans. As I mentioned above, the sale takes place inside a corporate building with hefty security personnel. You will need to check in at the front desk downstairs before being allowed to take an elevator up to the 20th floor. Once inside, it feels as if you have just ascended to mount Olympus, complete with one of the most breathtaking views of Columbus Circle and Central Park.

The enormously spacious showroom was a bargains paradise. Discounts were really impressive but so was the abundance of RTW. There were racks of apparel for women and men with prices $200 and below. The only exception being a small rack of couture gowns for $500. Leather jackets ($200) were the best deal with 85%-90% off discounts. Other leather like dresses, pants, and skirts were also priced at $200. Sizes veered on the small side with lots of IT38 and 40 but I did see a few 46s. There is no dressing room so be prepared to undress somewhere in the corner. It’s worth taking your time perusing the racks because your reward can be a runway piece retailing anywhere up to $4K. Although be mindful that not all items are created equal with three Versace lines being mixed together. $150 Versus dress won’t be as good of a deal as a Versace Collection runway version for the same price. In fact pricing seemed uneven in other categories as well. 

All handbags for instance were priced at $200, that included large leather bags and tiny textile wristlets. Unfortunately the bags that I saw were either damaged with missing hardware/accents, broken locks or the patent was badly stained. I don’t recommend devoting too much time to this area. Accessories were also fairly picked over at this point. There was no more jewelry, no sunglasses, one damaged wallet, some very old iPhone and iPad cases, and some $30 letterhead gift sets. Nearby tables had boxes with $25 belts in sizes from 65 to 110. I spotted wide waist belts in purple and brown, casual leather belts to go with your trousers or jeans, elaborate styles with studs/zippers/crystals and more. Also available at the sale were $40 swimsuits and coverups but the sizing was primarily 1, that’s XS for the rest of us.

In the back of the showroom, on the right side were women’s and men’s shoes. Priced at $50 for sneakers and shoes, $100 for booties, and  $150 for boots. Ladie’s sizes ranged from 36 to 40 with most boots and sneakers in the larger sizes. Once again be mindful of damages, especially on Collection shoes. The selection in 36 and 37 was primarily Versus heels that won’t give you the best bang for your buck but if you find something in good condition, they’re a keeper.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a rare occasion when Versace opens their doors to general public and I recommend taking advantage of the situation. Handbag and accessories selection may be lacking,  and there’s no jewelry but the abundance of RTW kind of makes up for it. More discounts are expected tomorrow and if you wear XS-M you should do your best to get uptown.
3 Columbus Circle
Wednesday 9:30am – 6pm

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