Back to School! Proenza Schouler Sample Sale Returns to C21

UPDATE: Additional 30% off (excludes handbags). Sale extended through Friday.

The semi-annual sample sale from Proenza Schouler is set to officially open its doors this morning. Once again taking place inside C21 Edition space, the sale offers discounts of up to 85% off retail prices on Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’ highly coveted label. Thanks to an email snafu, many Proenza devotees were able to satisfy their handbag lust a day early by shopping the employee/VIP portion of the sale.

When I arrived late afternoon the sale was already in full swing. Shoppers buzzing about, gushing over the wide handbag selection. So let’s start with the good news! The selection and variety of bags at the sale was truly outstanding. There were PS1 wallets on chain, Tiny PS1 crossbodies, large PS1 Keep Alls, small to medium PS11 crossbodies and clutches, large PS13 satchels, bucket bags, fringe bags, and much more in a myriad of seasonal shades. But here comes the bad news……prices were higher. Wallets went up to $129 (from $99), handbags to $459-$499 (from $399) and more for exotics. Although shoes and apparel were truly priced to sell with savings of well over 90% off in some cases. There was also a limit of three handbags and four small accessories. Ever the eagle eyed, I spied a few bags that had marker written prices lower than the sale sticker price. I always like to take a chance with such things and luckily the store manager (who is the nicest guy) himself was on hand and offered to honor the incorrect prices! The lady who usually oversees these events tried to argue against it, I had similar fruitless encounters with her before but this time she got vetoed! Booyah! $99 wallet on chain here I come 🙂
The sale once again takes up both floors of the venue. You can find handbags on the left side as you enter. Immediately in front of you is a glass display case with jewelry and small accessories like key chains. Prices started at $29 for bracelets and key chains, $39 for necklaces, and $49 for other items. Wallets ($129) and PS11 coin pouches ($79) were located in various glass counters throughout the main floor. I spotted the X Le Bon Marche collaboration wallets from the previous sale (Barneys Warehouse currently has them for $59) as well as PS1 zip around and continental wallets, PS11 large wallets and coin pouches. In the corner on the left hand side you can also find card cases ($79) and iPad cases/pouches ($89). The latter were also spread out along different shelves on the first floor. Also among accessories were $99 scarves. Last time they dropped to $30 during final hours so I suggest holding off on scarves/pouches/cases. 
Moving up to the second floor I found deeply discounted shoes starting at just $69 for flats. Prices ranged from $99 for loafers, select heels, and sandals to $129-$149 for more elaborate heels and up to $199 for certain styles. Most sizes were on the large side, 37-41. Some styles also happened to run very large. I found myself drowning in a pair of size 37  heels and no insert was going to let me wear the size 38 flats that fit more like a size 40!
The rest of the sale was dedicated to apparel, most of it priced as marked ($99-$500). Some notable exceptions were $29-$49 jeans, $49 denim vests, $29+ swimwear, $39-$49 t-shirts. Upon closer inspection I spotted specially marked racks with prices starting as low as $29! But wait, things get rather confusing from here. Discounts were color coded with green=$29, blue=$49, purple=$69, pink=$99, yellow=$199, and black=$500. Sounds simple enough except the colors were denoted by plastic ties, the tiny things that the price tags hang from and in some cases they were not attached to the label but rather somewhere on the shoulder or inner seam of a garment. To make things even more of a hassle, there was regular sale apparel mixed into these specially marked racks. So before you get excited about that leather dress being $69, check for the plastic tie….no plastic, no cheap dress! Take a deep breath and be patient because it’s totally worth it to dig through these racks. I spotted leather trousers for $69, short sleeve leather tops for $49, tweed jackets for $199 amongst other things. Some items were true samples with no sizes (assume 0-2)  although I saw sizes up to 10. There were two dressing rooms on each floor with a six item limit but be prepared for long waits. 

Proenza Schouler bags $449-$499
PS1 satchels $449 and x Le Bon Marche pouches $89

Tiny PS1 satchel $449
Small PS11 in exotic $675
PS11 crossbody $499
PS1 Carry All satchel $499
Fringe bag
PS11 wallet on chain $299
PS11 clutch $299
PS13 large totes and PS1 Carry All $499
Exotics $1,095
PS11 coin pouches $79
Card cases and small wallets $49 – $79
iPad cases $89
x Le Bon Marche wallets $129

Key Chains $29
Jewelry $39-$49
Scarves $99
Loafers $99 flats $69
Heels $99 – $129

Creepers $129

Boots $129
Last pair shoes
Swimwear $29 and up
Suede skirt $263
T-shirts $29-$59 
Leather jacket $593
Seasonal coats at up to 85% off (right $524)
Individually priced RTW
Blue $49 and Green $29 rack of apparel
Purple skirts and shorts $69

Purple marked clothing $69
Select $69 purple marked apparel 
Select $199 yellow marked apparel

BOTTOM LINE: While prices may have risen slightly it did not deter shoppers from buying as many iconic handbags as the limit allowed. Go early for the best selection of bags and deeply discounted clothing and shoes. I was informed there would be no restocking. Wait for final day discounts on accessories.
Proenza Schouler
21 Dey St.
Tuesday – Friday 
8am – 9pm (doors close at 8pm)

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