Derek Lam Final Discounts Bring Savings Well Over 90% Off Retail

Derek Lam sample sale kicked off earlier this week but I was unable to attend until yesterday afternoon. Last year’s sale ranked among my top three* favorites of the year (keep in mind that I go to a lot of sales, a lot of sales!). So for a sale to crack my top three you know it had to be good which is why it was killing me being unable to go. But you know what they say “good things come to those who wait” and I waited, waited until discounts hit extra 70% off sale prices!

I stopped by on Saturday, after receiving an email from 260 Sample Sale announcing the crazy new discounts! When I arrived it was perpetual chaos with huge lines to the dressing room and the register. Granted this was to be expected when word got out about the insanely low prices. How low were they? Well I got a pair of exotic snakeskin Becca open-toe booties for $30 (retail $975). Derek Lam shoes were priced $30 while boots were $45. Sadly there were no more boots. I initially got super excited when one of the staffers pulled out a pair from the back in size 37.5 only to find it to be a mismatched pair with the second boot being 38.5 so back they went. 10 Crosby prices were even cheaper with $22.50 shoes and $30 boots. Selection was not as good this year with many styles, especially among the true samples being rather unappealing. In prior years majority of the shoes were size 37 sample but this year it was predominantly size 39. That said I still managed to find a few gems but it was a struggle. 

The front of the venue was already looking sparse with just a handful of racks that previously held leather and outerwear. With prices of $118 for leather jackets, suede dresses, and coats you can imagine things were being grabbed left and right. I was actually quite surprised that most of the items from those racks were runway samples from the Spring 2015 and Resort 2015 collections. Paying a little over $100 for collection pieces less than a year old that’s bananas! Now if only I could fit into more true samples.
Moving towards the back things got crowded, very crowded. Everyone was either hovering over the fairly picked over shoe section. That by the way also featured samples from both Derek Lam and 10 Crosby 2015 NY Fashion Week runway shows. The other hot tickets were the knits. 10 Crosby racks ($37.50) were situated in the middle of the room while Derek Lam sweaters ($58.50) could be found on the left hand side. What was left of 10 Crosby, while plentiful was not to my liking, too much synthetic and itchy fibers that just felt icky. Stick to undamaged Derek Lam pieces that are made in Italy of superior wools and cottons.
There were dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, and pants from both labels. If you have the patience and determination I suggest trying everything on inside the insanely crowded dressing room. As it was the only place with a large mirror. There wasn’t much left in terms of accessories. Sunglasses and optical frames were long gone but with Modo sample sale in two weeks you’ll be able to have your pick of the exact same styles for just $20 a pop. There were a few $19 belts and knit bags on the table by the register but nothing really worth looking at. The sale ends today at 4pm.
These Becca booties were just $30 from $975
Size 9 sample shoes $22.50-$30
Stock shoes mostly in huge sizes (9-11)
Size 7 and 9 sample shoes
Derek Lam leather and suede rack $118.50
Derek Lam coats $118.50
Dresses $97.50
Sweaters $58.50
More knits
10 Crosby dresses and sweaters
Derek Lam tops $58.50
Derek Lam jackets $105
Derek Lam sweater $58.50
Sample knits by Derek Lam
These 10 Crosby suede jackets were $75 but look closely for damage
Derek Lam sweaters ($58.50) were the best bet
This gorgeous silk made in Italy dress was over 90% off
The quiet before the storm 😉
Lots of knits and tops still available
What’s left of accessories, still pricy with $75 bags
Front of the venue fairly picked over when I left
BOTTOM LINE: Anytime you can get 90% off and above discounts my advice is to run as fast as you can. Having said that, things are bound to be fairly picked over and unless you wear either size 7 or 9/10 in shoes or S-M in clothing it may not be worth it.
Derek Lam
151 Wooster St.
10am – 4pm
*By the way, for anyone curious my number two was Alexander McQueen, which coincidentally is slated for later this week. My number one was of course the first ever Tamara Mellon sample sale (the one from September). 

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