Jill Stuart And Morgan Lane Joint Sample Sale

While I was shopping away in the Garment District I was alerted to a Jill Stuart sample sale happening next door. The joint sale featuring Jill Stuart, Jill Jill Stuart and Morgan Lane takes place inside the brand’s midtown showroom. Getting in can be a little tricky as you need to go through freight entrance on 39th street and then take the elevator up to the 24th floor.

Once inside the small showroom space I spotted a rack of Jill Stuart dresses priced as low as $35! Most items are separated by price starting with the aforementioned $35 Jill Jill Stuart short dresses and $55 long dresses. These are all samples and many show signs of safety pins, chalk lines, etc. Overall there was a mix of very old samples, overstocks, and some newer production pieces with prices close to $300. Please refer to photos below for prices. The sale also featured a very small selection of shoes. Including vintage aka worn samples for just $20 and brand new with box stock shoes for $60. There wasn’t much left when I arrived. Just three styles mostly in size 37.

Morgan Lane lingerie was also available for purchase. Taking up the front portion of the space there was a single rack with rompers, robes, bodysuits, and nightgowns. Bras, panties and a few accessories like sleep masks could be found on a nearby table. Sizes ranged from S to L. Please refer to the price lists in the photos below for a complete breakdown. There was a makeshift fitting room with a large mirror behind some curtains.

Jill Stuart stock shoes $60
Sample (worn) shoes by Jill Stuart
Jill Stuart stock tops and bottoms 
Jill Stuart short dresses $55
Jill Jill Stuart dresses $35 – $55

Jill Stuart long dresses $75
Jill Stuart long dresses $55
Jill Stuart overstock dresses $120 – $240

Morgan Lane bras and panties $15-$45
Morgan Lane Silk Robe $75

BOTTOM LINE: It’s worth to check out the sale if you happen to be in the area. Sample prices are real bargains and hard to beat elsewhere. Lots of Jill Stuart dresses and a nice selection of Morgan Lane underwear.

550 Seventh Ave (use freight entrance on 39th St.) 24th Floor
Wednesday – Friday
10am – 7pm

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