Last Day of Asics Sample Sale

Having been out of town nearly the entire week meant missing out on some of the early November sample sales. Manolo flew by, but hey there’s always Connecticut 😉 if I’m so inclined. I was a bit bummed about missing Misha Nonoo’s winter sale as I absolutely adore her designs but at least there was still time to check out Asics and Derek Lam.

So let’s get down to business! Saturday is the last day of the Asics sample sale and there are additional discounts. Although not on every category. Most items are an additional 20% off or 75% off retail with the exception of women’s tech and short sleeve tees. They are still $16.99 and will not be further discounted. If you were looking for bottoms other than shorts you may need to curb your expectations as they are all sold out. The 2015 NYC Marathon gear is also running low, at least in more brighter styles and smaller sizes. The prices are now 75% off retail. Please consult the updated price list in the photos below. Sneakers are color coded with plastic ties and are now $39.99 for green or $49.99 for blue/purple. Larger and smaller sizes will have better style and color variety to choose from while sizes 7-8 were mostly limited to plain black or white sneakers. Men’s gear was located along the right wall and consisted of mostly dark colored jackets and shorts. Although there were a few racks of bright colored t-shirts for $4.99 closer to the entrance. I did not see any kids gear so I assume it is sold out.

Lots of $4.99 tees in bright colors 

NYC Marathon gear $7.99 – $9.99
Thats pretty much the only color left
Lots of Marathon branded jackets in black or pink 
Sports bras still $16.99
Only bottoms left are shorts $12.99

Men’s jackets in dark colors

Men’s tees $4.99 
Hats $3.99
Visors $4.99 
Men’s sneakers $39.99-$49.99
Women’s size 37 sneakers $39.99 
Size 36 sneakers had a bit more color variety

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re in the neighborhood do stop by! If anything, those $5 tees are a great deal along with the running shoes, provided you can find your size. Sale ends today at 7pm.
260 Fifth Ave
10am – 7pm

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