Sweet Deals At The Anna Sui Sample Sale

This week has been non-stop sample sales and it’s only going to get crazier. Stay tuned for November Sample Sales Part Two because I think it will set a record not just in terms of a sheer amount of sales but in terms of how many quality sample sales we are going to have. But back to this week and all the cool sales happening right now.

Anna Sui‘s annual sample sale has been running since Monday but I’ve only now had a chance to check out the offerings. Good thing too because crazy additional discounts are in effect. Prices were pretty low to begin with: $40 dresses, $20 tops, $5 t-shirts, etc. When I arrived at the tiny showroom I first headed straight for the shoes or more aptly took a couple of steps towards the windows. Prices are now discounted to just $30. Some notable examples included runway heels and wedges from Spring 14 and Fall 14 collections. Many with retail tags of $500-$700! The bad news is that most of the sizes were 37-40 and 37 had the least selection. If you are 39-40 it gets even better because there were also $50 gladiator booties and a few boots to choose from.
If you’re looking for even bigger bargains than you sure came to the right place. Next to the shoes was a box brimming with t-shirts, tank tops, and a few random things priced at 2 for $1. That’s right! You get quality tees that can retail anywhere from $10-$50 for basically 50 cents. Note that these are all actual samples and some are not by Anna Sui but hey, at these prices who’s going to be choosy 😉 I also spotted sizes from XS-L although some of those large sizes looked pretty tiny.
Also in the same tiny space, along the wall were racks of $40 dresses and tops priced $10-$20. I noticed several items I spotted on sale in the boutique this past summer. There were also many samples from the Spring 15 runway collection. Sizes ranged from unmarked true samples to overstock in 0-8. In the even tinier adjoining room you can find more clothes, including dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts, pants, jackets, and maybe even a coat. There were also more stock t-shirts ($5) on the tables along the wall. Most of the other accessories mentioned in the pricelist are sold out. Due to lack of space there was no dressing room and no mirrors. Luckily the staff was amazing and one of them even offered to take a photo of me with her phone trying to convince that no, I did not look fat in that dress lol. While the selection has certainly been picked over since day one there was still a lot of clothes left. Like the signature flirty boho-chic styles in cute, fun prints that Anna Sui is known for. Her vintage and Rock & Roll inspired designs have a tremendous appeal and will complement any closet. Today is the last day of the sale so get shopping!

Shoes were only $30 in sizes 37-40 including these runway samples
Stock shoes $30
Box with 2 for $1 t-shirts
Stock t-shirts $5, all other accessories are sold out 
Tops, jackets, and skirts under $40
How cute is this feline print from a Spring 2015 piece
Dresses $40
Still lots of clothes left 
Most items from this rack came from Spring 2015 collection
Silk top just $20

BOTTOM LINE: Run. Run. Run. Personally I love Anna Sui’s design aesthetic so this was a no brainer for me, just wish I had more time to attend this one sooner. Also did I mention 50 cent t-shirts? Yeah, you should go 😉

Anna Sui
250 West 39th St., Suite 401
10am – 7pm

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