Vintage Chanel and Piazza Sempione Sample Sales

Yesterday I had a chance to check out the Piazza Sempione sample sale that also featured a small selection of vintage Chanel. Organized by Shelly and Renee, the sale is located in suite 900 at 37 West 57 Street. The reason why I bring up the location is due to the fact that it is also the spot for those semi-annual secret Lanvin sales. It was a bit of a deja vu taking the elevator upstairs but at least on this occasion I did not need to worry about a cover story 😉

Chanel selection was fairly small and consisted of jewelry, shoes, clothes, and several handbags. The items come from Roundabout which is a reputable source of vintage designer goods and the company’s representative was seated at the table up front. I was hoping to find Chanel earrings but was told that they didn’t have them. What was there consisted mostly of larger, flashier pieces like tweed and pearl brooches and chunky gold chain belts. You can see the whole selection in the photos below. To be perfectly honest this wasn’t my type of jewelry. Shoes and handbags could be found on a nearby shelf. Shoes were priced in the $250-$300 range but sizing was limited with either 35 or 40-41. Among the handbags, the large 2.55 reissue flap with silver hardware immediately caught my eye. It was priced at $3,995 and showed moderate signs of wear. Prices overall didn’t seem that great, pretty typical of regular consignment shops. My mother purchased a jumbo version of the reissue flap several years ago in Paris and even with higher Euro to Dollar exchange rate at the time it only cost her a few hundred more than this smaller vintage version. Going to Paris isn’t exactly a viable option for most people but hey if you’re willing to drop the $$$ for a Chanel bag you can probably afford to fly to Europe. The sale also featured Chanel jackets, skirts, pants, and a few dresses. Pants were the cheapest options at $200 and up and jackets ranged around $1,195 to $1,495. Again prices were nothing special, for clothing in particular you can do much better on The Real Real or similar sites.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue flap $3,995
Chanel quilted double pocket bag $1,995 
Chanel shoes mostly in very small or very large sizes 
Vintage Chanel tweed jackets
Chanel jewelry $495-$2,295 
Vintage Chanel tweed and pearls 
Small selection of vintage Chanel

Majority of the showroom was dedicated to Piazza Sempione. The Italian label is usually sold in high end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The sale offered savings of 70%-80% off on dresses, tops, pants, knits, and jackets. Prices started at $20 for tees and went up to $189 for jackets and dresses (or 2 for $300). The selection consisted of predominantly office appropriate looks. Very demure silhouettes and darker color pallets made the clothing seem more fitting for an older customer.

Piazza Sempione t-shirts $20 
Piazza Sempione blouse $69 
Piazza Sempione dresses $189 or 2 for $300 
Piazza Sempione tops $69 and sweaters $99
Piazza Sempione pants $69 
Piazza Sempione jackets $189
There were also a few racks with a mix of different brands located on the right side of the showroom. I saw a Moschino dress, Nina Ricci and Narciso Rodriguez tops, and a bunch of other European designers. All items were 85% off original prices but still were fairly expensive. I was  the only one browsing that evening and was outnumber by the staff 5 to 1! The ladies were very nice and friendly though, and very eager to help.
Designer boutique rack 85% off
Narciso Rodriguez $599 (retail $3,995)
Aron Rose leather jacket
Burani puffer coat
Burani coat (retail €980)
Hania cashmere sweater $489
Hania cashmere hat $49

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re going to go, do so for Piazza Sempione because Chanel selection isn’t worth the trip. There are likely to be further discounts as Thursday is the last day of the sale.
Piazza Sempione/Vintage Chanel
37 West 57th St., Suite 900
10am – 3pm

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