Additional Markdowns Started At J.Crew Sample Sale

UPDATE: 12/6 Additional 50% off original sale prices!

This week J.Crew is hosting a trifecta of sample sales spread out over three different location. With womenswear and Crew Cuts located at 260 Fifth Avenue, menswear at 43 Wooster Street, and Madewell at 151 Wooster Street. This report covers only the main location.

The annual winter sample sale from J.Crew opened its doors to a huge crowd of eager shoppers on Tuesday morning. According to SoldInc, the line sitter company who were hired for this sale, there were over 150 people braving the rainy weather an hour before opening. I had a chance to check out the sale myself and while there were some really good discounts (think embellished wool/cotton blend sweaters that are still selling online for full price) there were also a few duds like your general basics that could be had for a few dollars less at the outlets. Fast forward to Friday morning when the organizers announced additional discounts at all three venues. J.Crew women’s and men’s along with Crew Cuts and Madewell are all an extra 30% off sale prices. As all items were individually marked please refer to the price list (additional discounts reflected) towards the bottom of this post.

Sweaters offered the best deals with prices starting at $35 (now reduced to $24.50). Located on the left hand side of the venue my advice is to start with that section first. There were plenty of wool and cotton blend turtlenecks, pullovers, printed sweatshirts, embellished sweaters although those were being snapped up fairly quickly. While the selection seemed plentiful there were only 1-3 pieces per style, at least among the non-basics. There was daily restocking but at this point be prepared to really scour the racks as the more popular pieces are likely to be gone. Sizes, particularly among sweaters and knits skewed towards XS-S. I did see a full range of sizes from XXS to L but unfortunately large sizes don’t have as good of a selection.
Moving on to cashmere that had its own special rack. Prices are now $42 for sleeveless styles and $63 for short and long sleeve sweaters. There were very few embellished pieces and unless there’s been restocking this morning they are probably gone by now. 
Skirts, pants, and denim have all been reduced to just $17.50 or $28. Some of the more sparkly/embellished or tweed skirts are definitely a bargain now. I even spied a few styles that I could swear used to be in the Collection section at previous sales. $63 coats and $84 blazers are good investments if you can find your size.
All the way in the back is where you can find racks of shoes with sizes ranging from 35 to 41. The current prices start at $17.50 for rain boots/slippers and top out at $91 for tall boots. I’ll admit I am generally not a fan of their footwear unless it’s made in Italy. There were a few beautiful dressy pumps and oxfords on the first day but even with the current $70 price tags I do not think they’re a good deal. Considering I recently bought Sergio Rossi shoes for only $25 it seems insane to pay more for something like J.Crew but to each her own 😉
Jewelry could be found near the registers and consisted of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Again with so many jewelry sample sales happening this month you can do better elsewhere. The only exception being the hair clips that are now $3.50. While they had sticky residue from the price labels, J.Crew hair accessories are manufactured in France and are actually if very good quality and a bargain at this price. Belts, tights, socks, swimwear, hats, and bags could all be found along the wall on the left side of the venue. 
Finally Crew Cuts, J.Crew’s children’s line was located towards the left back corner. There were lots of shirts, pants, cute little blazers, and outerwear. Everything is now $35 and under. There was also a plastic bin with kid’s shoes near the swimwear bin. I didn’t really check the sizes but most clothes seemed like it might fit 4-8 year olds.

(Price list below already reflects the additional 30% off discounts that were taken this morning). 

t-shirts/tank tops $10.50
sleepwear $14
skirts/pants/jeans $17.50 – $28
dresses $21 – $42
sweaters/knits $24.50 – $28
shirts $28
cashmere (sleeveless) $42
cashmere (short and long sleeves) $63
vests $42
outerwear $42 – $63
blazers/jackets $84
J.Crew Collection $42 – $120
rain boots/slippers/sneakers $17.50
sandals/flats $45.50
shoes/booties $70
tall boots $91
hair clips $3.50
rings $14
earrings/bracelets $17.50
necklaces $24.50 – $42
socks/tights $7
belts/ties/pocket squares/scarves $14
straw hats $14
fabric bags $31.50
leather handbags $91
tops/bottoms $10.50
outerwear $35
Sweaters $24.50-$28
Printed sweatshirt $24.50
More embellished sweaters

Skirts $17.50-$28
Basic tops $10.50
Denim $17.50-$28
Shorts $17.50
Shorts and skirts
Blouses and shirts
Embellished blouse
Summer top
Sleeveless tops and tees
Tweed blazers $84
Blazers $84
Coats $63
Leather jacket
J. Crew Collection feather top
J.Crew Collection dresses
J.Crew Collection tops
J.Crew Collection pants
Cashmere sweaters

Dress $21
Dress $42
Embellished sample sweater $24.50
Sleepwear $14
Socks $7
Tights $7
Belts $14
Fabric bags $31.50
Large bags $91
Leather bags $91
Fur hat
Children’s swimwear
Children’s shoes
Boys’ Crew Cuts blazer $35
Children’s Crew Cuts outerwear $35
Crew Cuts for kids
Crew Cuts $35 and under
Women’s shoes size 35-41 
Tall boots $91 
Rain boots $17.50
Shoes $42.50 – $70
Made in Italy pumps $70
Flats $42.50 and pumps $70
Hair accessories $3.50
Hair bands and bangles

BOTTOM LINE: With discounts now in effect its certainly a good time to hit up this sale. The selection has thinned out but you can still find really good deals just be prepared for inevitably large lunch and after work crowds. Last time shoes ended up being marked down to $50 and under so it’s worth keeping an eye on possible evening markdowns tonight.
260 Fifth Ave
Friday-Saturday   10am – 8pm
Sunday   11am – 5pm

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