Alice and Olivia Sample Sale Has Your Next Holiday Look

UPDATE: Additional markdowns this weekend.

Alice and Olivia winter sample sale returned earlier this week just in time for the holiday party season.  This past Thursday the organizers announced an additional 25% off discount on most merchandise (excluding samples). The sale was very well stocked with shiny, sparkly, beaded apparel that would surely brighten any dull office party. I spotted feathered skirts, hand beaded blazers, bright sequined dresses, leather pants, shearlings, and furs! This was definitely one of the better stocked Alice + Olivia sample sales that I’ve attended and had everything you could possibly want for a winter holiday look. The sale also featured accessories such as handbags, clutches, and jewelry. There is a dressing room with a 10 item limit but depending on the time of day you choose to shop lines may be too long.

First things first is you definitely want to start with the samples, that were located all the way in the back next to the dressing room. Just be prepared to elbow your way through the crowds. Prices ranged from $49-$119 with each item already bearing a special sale price tag. The two middle racks held leather, sequin and beaded gowns, sequin jackets and skirts all priced at $99. The right rack next to the dressing room had a small selection of outerwear samples ($99) that included faux and real fur. I saw several pieces who’s counterparts were hanging on the main racks at a much higher price point. The racks to the left, along the wall had the cheapest samples with prices from $49-$59 and they included lace blouses, silk shirts, embellished jackets, and long maxi dresses. Sizing among the samples definitely skewed XS/S. As you can imagine the samples area was completely mobbed when the sale first opened. Poor staffers who came up from the basement stock room couldn’t event put the items on the racks before certain shoppers began to literally rip things out of their hands. While samples were restocked several times so far its slim pickings at this point and unfortunately due to aggressiveness of those aforementioned shoppers many remaining items will show signs of damage.
Moving on to the overstock racks, there was a much better size variety ranging from 0 to 10 although once again smaller sizes (0-2) will fare best. There was a ton of holiday appropriate pieces from sequin dresses to beaded jackets and sparkly skirts. Prices started at $39 $29 and topped out at $299 $224. Markdowns were based off of original retail price tags so please refer to the complete price list for additional details. Some of the standouts included Arwen beaded lace gownElana embellished mini skirt, Kidman beaded blazer, Montana faux fur coat, and Caylet cropped fox fur jacket. While all of these pieces were head turning good I found overstock pricing to still be somewhat high (even taking into account the extra 25% off discount). 
Also available at the sale were handbags and accessories located on the tables near the registers. There were belts ($21.75), hosiery ($14.25), undies ($7.50), gloves ($29.25), scarves ($36.75), jewelry ($29.95), and handbags ($66.75 – $81.75). The organizers were also running a promotion where if you buy $300 or more worth of merchandise you get a free keychain (while supplies last). The below price lists already include the additional 25% off discounts.

$0-$99 ————-  $29.25    
$100-$199 ——–  $59.25
$200-$299 ——–  $89.25
$300-$399 ——–  $111.75
$400-$499 ——–  $149.25
$500-$599 ——–  $201.75
$600-$899 ——–  $209.25
$900-$1,299 ——  $216.75
$1,300+ ———–  $224.25

Undies —— $7.50
Hosiery —– $14.25
Belts ——— $21.75
SLGs ——– $29.25
Gloves —— $29.25
Jewelry —– $29.25
Scarves —– $36.75
Mens ——– $36.75
Kids ——— $36.75
Fur accessories  $74.25

Mini bags  $66.75
Clutch/Crossbody  $74.25
Tote/Handbag   $81.75

gowns and dresses
love the details on these skirts
cropped fur jacket $216 (retail $997) and long fur coat $224 (retail $2,997)
leather shearling coat $224 (retail $1,950)
jacket with raccoon collar $209 (retail $797)
a never produced sample (real) fur jacket $99
Montana faux fur coat $201 (retail $598) 
Beaded jackets $209-$216 (retail $798-$998) 
Kidman beaded blazer $224 (retail $1,498) 

true samples $99 
sample leather $99
beaded skirt samples $99
sample maxi dresses and tops/jackets
sample dresses $99-$119
samples $49-$59
sample coats from Day1 $99
Belts $21 and other accessories $7-$75
jewelry and gloves $29
small leather goods $29
clutches $66
handbags and clutches $66-$81

BOTTOM LINE: If you are still searching for that perfect holiday look than this is the sale to hit. While overstock pricing is still a bit high you might have more luck in the samples section if you wear size 0-2. The sale runs through Sunday and I’ll keep you updated on Twitter and IG if I hear of anymore discounts. Sorry about the delayed posting, I am in desperate need of a computer upgrade. Happy shopping!

260 Fifth Ave
Thursday  10am – 8pm
Friday  9am – 7pm
Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday  10am – 3pm

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