Eddie Borgo Sample Sale Is Just As Good As You Hoped

Last Spring I attended a sample sale that I have since been referring to as the best sample sale of the year. Eddie Borgo’s May sale was the epitome of what every other New York City sample sale should strive to achieve. This weekend the designer once again opens the doors to his Lower East Side studio where shoppers will have a chance to get their hands on some of the best contemporary jewelry in the world of fashion. In 2008 Eddie Borgo launched his eponymous jewelry line to great fanfare. Seamlessly combining high luxury with a modern aesthetic while also channeling the influences of Rock & Roll as well as the city that never sleeps, New York, his jewelry bridges the gap between classicism and modernity. Inspired by architectural shapes and geometric symbols Eddie Borgo strives to create jewelry pieces that will transcend fleeting trends and strike a fine balance between fine jewelry and street style.

Well fellow New Yorkers, now is your chance to own a piece or two or twenty 😉 from Eddie Borgo’s highly coveted jewelry collection. Today’s sale offers discounts of up to 95% off retail with nothing priced over $60. His jewelry usually retails anywhere from $300 to $1,000 and is sold at such high end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The really great thing about this sale is not only are the prices amazing but so is the selection. There were plenty of iconic cone and pyramid tennis bracelets priced at just $20 for small styles and $40 for large. Three, four, and five finger rings ($25) came in a variety of styles and finishes: from spiky skinny silver rings to wide rose gold rings. All of the above rings counted as large while the smaller single rings were only $15. Necklaces started at $40 and featured various drop pendant styles as well as more elaborate chockers. Some of my favorite pieces at the sale included D-Ring Pearl Cuff Bracelet ($40, retail $550), Semi-Precious Stone Cone Bracelet ($40, retail $325),  Hinged Plate Shield Ring ($25, retail $250), Pave Crystal Pearl Cabachon Bracelet ($40, retail $375), and the Five Finger Ring ($25, retail $250). There was also a tray of men’s jewelry consisting of darker colored rings, bracelets, necklaces and tie clips.

If that wasn’t a great enough deal the sale also featured two plastic bins of damages and prototypes priced at just $5! I mean how insane is that? Many of the so called damages could be easily fixed. I have actually already fixed all but three pieces out of nineteen that I bought. Just to give you a couple of examples: tennis bracelets from the bin had the links separated in a single spot and all it took was simply popping the link in place and tightening the frame around it…..bam! $325 bracelet for just $5!; in the case of large pyramid pave bracelets they appeared to have a tiny hole drilled into the side of one of the pyramids but if you just glue a similarly sized crystal in there, no one will be the wiser and you’ll end up with a $400 bracelet for only $5. Some damages simply meant the finish was tarnished so there was no need to even fix anything. But do be careful as there were a few pieces that would be really complicated or expensive to fix. If it’s going to cost you more than $20 then you might as well buy the brand new version from the tables nearby. The second plastic bin was labeled as prototypes and the good news is that all the items found inside were in pristine working condition, no damages of any kind. Prototypes are essentially true samples that were never produced and were manufactured from lower end materials. Think brass and basic metals. There were tons of double bangle bracelets in the shape of tree branches (fifth photo down), wide snake cuffs (fourth photo), chunky pearl necklaces, two finger rings with a large crystal stone, and more. Prototypes also don’t have the Eddie Borgo label or any sort of label for that matter. While I was there yesterday the staffers continuously restocked the bins and the gentleman in charge told me they had lots more damages in the store room and that more will be added today, even a few new styles. So now that you know all the inside scoop you need to run to the sale ASAP!!! If there was ever an excuse to utter “run, don’t walk” it is now! Since photography was not allowed here are a few examples I put together along with my very own product shots (sorry, lighting is terrible at my place).

RINGS small $15  large $25
BRACELETS small $20  large $40
EARRINGS small $25  large $45
NECKLACES  small $40  large $60

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Two bracelets on the left $40 and $20 each, everything else $5
Four and five finger rings $25
Prototype necklace $5
Prototype snake cuff $5 
Prototype bangles $5
“Damaged” bangles (the lock was detached but i fixed it) $5
“Damaged” pearl necklace with a few missing pearls and bent posts $5
Another “damaged” necklace (just need to reattach the links) $5
Prototype statement necklace $5
Blue pave crystal necklace that looks much better in real life (I already reattached the broken links) $5
Sample earrings $5 (they never produced rose gold version, yellow gold version retailed for $500)
I cant wait to start stacking all these goodies!
Prototype ring (sadly very large size 14+) $5
Before I had a chance to reattach the lock 😉

BOTTOM LINE: Run! Don’t walk! Yes, this is a must attend sample sale if there ever was one. With a combination of incredibly low prices and gorgeous selection the Eddie Borgo sample sale is not to be missed. There is also a possibility of further discounts. Last May damage bin items were down to only $3 of you can believe that.

Eddie Borgo
204 Elizabeth St., 2nd Floor
10am – 6pm

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    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Yes!!! It's totally worth it because they do restock and there might even be some markdowns on Saturday. You can also ask them to check the stockroom if you're looking for a particular piece. You never know, might get lucky 🙂

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