Float Like A Butterfly – Sophia Webster Sample Sale

Sophia Webster‘s second ever New York City sample sale officially opens tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Provided you booked an appointment slot in advance you’ll be able to shop as early as 9am otherwise the public hours are 2pm to 6pm. Following in the footsteps of fellow Brits like Nicholas Kirkwood, Tabitha Simmons, and Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster hosted her first US sample sale a year ago. The event drew record crowds and most inventory was gone within hours forcing the organizers to end the sale earlier than anticipated. This time they were much better prepared with a great selection of shoes and lots of back stock.

I attended a special preview this evening (huge thanks to E. for sending me the invite!) and I’m happy to report that there were no price hikes a la Charlotte Olympia and that the selection included many popular classics. Prices started at $65 for basic flats like Loca and Juana espadrilles and went up to $350 for the most elaborate styles and boots. (last year’s prices were $50/$100/$155/$240/$315). Organizers used a color coded system with green for $65, orange $95, purple $150, black $250, pink $295, and blue $350 (these prices already account for all applicable taxes). They were still in the process of marking individual styles while I was shopping. Sizes ranged from 35.5 to 41 and included popular styles like Rico, SelinaYara, Lola, Catia, LoubySeraphina, and Jourdan . There were also seasonal styles like Suki,  Violeta, Amazona, Brooke, and Yayoi. The shoes were arranged by size all along the walls and windows of the venue with size 35.5 directly to the left as you enter. As I was leaving staffers were also setting up round tables in the middle of the room so it’s possible the layout may be a little different tomorrow morning. Most signature styles were priced $250 – $295 with a few pumps and speech bubble sandals at $150. Boots were $350 but there were very few and included knee high Gladiator Sandals in size 41 and a pair of Tall Black Boots in size 37.5. There was also a small selection of “samples” on the table to the right of the entrance. Priced at $95 the sizes were either 37 or 39-40 (mostly the latter). Personally I was unimpressed with the selection or condition of those shoes. Unless they restock this section for the morning crowds I recommend sticking to the stock shoes.

While there were so many styles to choose from (although not every style was available in each size) there were some notable omissions. Bibi flats were nowhere to be found and neither were the signature Chiara sandals. There weren’t too many speech bubble sandals/flats either. The children’s selection ($50) was also very small and consisted of only three styles of sneakers and slipons in dark colors.

BOTTOM LINE: The good news is that there is no need to worry about the first group of shoppers wiping out all inventory. There will be restocking and I personally saw tons of boxes in the back waiting to be unpacked. If you plan to attend tomorrow morning you’re sure to be very pleased with the selection. While pricing wasn’t exactly rock bottom most fans of Sophia Webster’s sassy and whimsical designs will be happy with the current discounts.

Sophia Webster
The Uppercrust
91 Horatio St.
9am – 2pm by appointment
2pm – 6pm open to general public

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