Miriam Salat Sample Sale

Another jewelry sample sale taking place today is the Miriam Salat winter sale. I was first introduced to her jewelry through Gilt and instantly fell in love with the beautifully crafted silver and rhodium earrings that she’s most famous for. Miriam Salat launched her eponymous jewelry line in 2010 which has quickly become a favorite of celebrities like Oprah and Lady Gaga as well as FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama. Her signature pieces include oversized cocktail rings, stacked cuffs, and statement jewelry that pairs vintage motifs with modern forms.

The sale takes place inside a tiny office located on the second level of Space 530 venue which itself is located on the Mezzanine level. Once you go up the staircase turn right immediately and the office space at the end is where the sample sale is located. When I arrived last evening I was the only shopper inside as the office probably wouldn’t hold more than five people anyway. The selection was small but depending on what you are looking for there was room for potential bargains. Prices were pretty straight forward with color coded stickers denoting the price. Pink for $25, yellow $50, orange $75, white $100, blue $150, green $200, and red $400. Earrings seemed to be a hot ticket as I overheard staffers talk about how many were sold last morning. You can find the earrings displayed on the table directly in the middle of the room. Prices were $75 with a few $50 styles. I spotted the signature silver and black rhodium skinny hoop earrings, petite nugget drop earrings in clear and green rhodium, and sparkle earrings in clear rhodium. In the corner on the right is where you can find lower priced archival pieces. These included $25 rings although these were mostly brass and $50 pendants. There were also $50 and $75 large bangles and cuffs. On the opposite wall by the windows is where you can find current season rings, many styles which are still selling online like Floral Shield Ring, Triplet Ring, Imperial Ring, Salvador Topaz Ring, and Black Resin Topaz Ring. Prices were $50 or $75 depending on style with retail value from $195-$305. The most expensive pieces were from the Animals Collection and were discounted 50% off original price tags. They included various lion, snake, fox, and ram bangles and rings as well an Owl Pendant that retails for $975.

Prices start at $25 and top out at $400
Earrings $75
Shield ring and triplet ring $75
Current season rings $75 
Ring sizes 6-9
Archive rings $50 
Archive rings $25
Archive rings $25-$50
Archival pieces $75+ 
Archive bangles $50-$75
Bangles and cuffs $75-$150
Bangles $50 each or 3 for $125

Animal Collection 50% off

BOTTOM LINE: This two day event ends today at 6pm and to be perfectly honest I found prices a little steep. While I am a big fan of the brand I would not recommend buying at 50%-70% off. Gilt City Warehouse sales offer far better prices and unless you’re nearby and want to check out the $25 rings (there were very few) it may be best to see if Miriam Salat online sample sale that is set to launch this Saturday might offer better pricing.

Miriam Salat
Space 530
530 Seventh Ave
Mezzanine (M1)

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