“B” Is For Bargains

Monday proved to be a particularly good day for sample sales and shopping in general. Not only were there multiple great sales but they all offered amazing discounts and prices. I started the day at Nordstrom Rack where as luck would have it I found a few unicorns! Fellow Rack fanatics should head to their closest store ASAP because Clear The Racks (25% off sale) starts this Friday! You’ll be able to price adjust your previous clearance purchases from earlier this week.

Now back to the sample sales where I would like to recap the wallet friendly sale from B.Base, a Hong Kong based manufacturer of sunglasses and optical frames.This year’s sale took place at the company’s brand new Midtown showroom that is also their corporate office. Personally I was quite happy not to have to make the long track to Starrett-Lehigh (home of their old space) especially in this weather. The proximity to Portolano (just one block away) didn’t hurt either! The new venue is very spacious and with only a few other shoppers browsing inside I had nearly the whole place to myself. B.Base branded eyewear was neatly laid out on several tables to the left of the entrance. The sale offered a large selection of sunglasses in many popular styles and colors. Aviators, cat eye, reflective mirrors, round/square/keyhole, embellished, and even a few whimsical styles (who’s up for a tropical theme party?!), all priced at $5 or 2 for $8 or 3 for $11. B.Base manufactures frames for many popular retail chains like Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, and many others. The pairs on display are mostly unbranded samples but occasionally you’ll find a pair with logos from the afformentioned retailers. Each table was equipped with mirrors so no need to snap those phone selfies. Unfortunately none of these sunglasses came with a case but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the low price points.

B.Base sunglasses $5 
Lots of variety 
These would great for summer
A few whimsical sunnies
How fun are these frames!
The sale also offered a great variety of Elizabeth and James sunglasses and optical frames all priced at $35. For anyone curious this is indeed much cheaper than 260 pricing that usually starts at $75. There was one large table directly opposite the elevator (entrance) housing both sunglasses and optical frames/readers. Unlike the manufacturer’s namesake line, each pair of Elizabeth and James frames came with original cases. Among the available styles I spotted were Fillmore and Suffolk cat eye sunglasses, Boylston, Talbert, Moore, and Taylor. The latter of which is a limited edition frame that features Swarovski crystals and 18k gold mirrored lenses (you can see it in the photos below).

Elizabeth and James sunglasses $35 
More sunglasses
Readers and optical frames
A great variety of sunglasses
The jewelry selection from Absolute Black was fairly small but consistent with what was on hand at the previous sale. Prices started at $3 for rings and earrings and $5 for bracelets, while necklaces were $7. I did not see many earrings and rings were nowhere to be found. The bulk of selection consisted of necklaces: from embellished chokers to statement pieces and many more fun styles.

Absolute Black jewelry
Necklaces $7 and bracelets $5
Very small selection of earrings $3 each

Monday was also the start of Manolo Blahnik‘s ever popular boutique sale. Discounts have now reached 75% off retail prices while the lines to get in grew larger and larger. I opted to skip this one as I not currently in the market for dressy heels but a fellow fashionista and IG follower, O checked out the selection  Monday morning. Arriving bright and early she was 17th in line and after a relatively short wait time made it inside the promised land. She reports that ladies who wear larger sizes (41-42) will be particularly thrilled as the selection proved to be quite good. She ended up buying several pairs.

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