Dolce & Gabbana Sample Sale Is Light On Shoes And Accessories.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

UPDATE: Extra discounts on select menswear categories.

Dolce & Gabbana is currently in the midst of hosting a long awaited sample sale at Soiffer Haskin. After a prolonged absence (its been over two years since their last sale at Metropolitan Pavilion) the Italian label is once again offering New Yorkers a chance to brighten their closets with bold prints and signature feminine silhouettes.

The sale officially opened on Thursday morning and unsurprisingly people were lining up as early as midnight. Granted these were line-sitters who are being paid for their services but it still showed just how eager some shoppers were to be first in line. Anticipating a large turn out and feeling rather apprehensive about prices (we're talking about Soiffer after all) I chose to roll the dice and instead go to Paul Andrew. You can find my complete recap here (hint: I didn't buy anything). You win some you lose some, c'est la vie. After feverishly checking Twitter, Instagram, and other shopping blogs every five minutes (much to the chagrin of my friends) for any hint of details at Dolce & Gabbana to no avail we all decided to head to the sale ourselves. By the time we got there it was mid afternoon and the line outside was negligible. Maybe 20-30 people and things were thankfully moving quickly. Once inside I immediately ran to the price lists, which rather surprisingly were not as inflated as I was expecting.  Prices started as low as $25 but went up to $1,200 and beyond. Discounts were about 80% off retail and you can see the full price list below.
Alas I was unable to snap any photos. Soiffer always has their no photo policy but I'm usually able to go unnoticed at most of their sales. This go around there was increased security presence and I had the misfortune of one SA catching me and threatening to kick me out (come on, seriously? considering how much money I spent at that place over the years) if I didn't delete the photo and after that she was always watching me. Oh how I miss you Metro Pavilion! Not to mention the most social media friendly venue of all, 260 Sample Sale, just wish they hosted more high-end sample sales :) Never the less I put together an image gallery to give you an idea of the type of styles that were available at the sale. Again so sorry I wasn't able to get at least a single good photo.

$10,000 and up_____80% off

The sale offered a huge selection of apparel for women, men, and kids. There were also shoes, handbags, jewelry, small leather goods, belts, swimwear, and lingerie. I started at the jewelry counters, to the left of the entrance. Unfortunately by mid afternoon the selection was severely depleted. There was a handful of men's/unisex leather bracelets ($50), headbands ($25-$50), necklaces and earrings with a floral motif for $200+ Based on all the empty shelves and jewelry trays it was apparent that all the good stuff was already gone. Along the windows were shelves of handbags that were also pretty picked over. While I did see a couple of Miss Sicily bags they were all in exotic finish. Had I spotted a leather version, my grubby little hands would be clutching it for dear life! There were also totes and crochet/woven styles but nothing really worthy of a splurge. Further along the tables were boxes of belts, swimwear, and undies priced $50 and up. After being spoiled by Jimmy Choo and YSL sample sales with their $10-$25 belts I couldn't bring myself to even look at belts priced over $100.

Next up were shoes and sigh once again the remaining selection was small and uninspiring (at least for sizes 36-38). I did spot an exceptional pièce de résistance in the form of Rose Cage Wedges (photo below) from Fall '13 runway collection. A museum quality pair like that made me lose all sense of practicality and common sense but don't worry ;) the price tag quickly put an end to my euphoria and swiftly dropped me down to earth. At $1,200 (sale price) this wasn't going to happen. Other styles in my size were kind of boring like these woven slingback kitten heels for $200. Now moving up to larger sizes like 39 and 40 the selection certainly kicked into high gear. I spotted more styles from the Fall '13 and Spring '14/Fall '14 collections along with more affordable and practical styles like these chunky heel Mary Janes that were only $100.

Women's apparel was organized by size from 38 to 46 and the racks were jam-packed with clothes. From the signature lace and bright floral prints to more demure office appropriate bottoms and blazers. Dresses were certainly a big highlight with prices starting at $300 and going well into thousands for a few runway styles. In between the handbags shelves and shoe racks was a lone rack of couture runway dresses priced $4,000 - $6,000 (originally $20,000 to 30,000). Below are a few approximate examples.

All the way in the back you can find the children's clothes and accessories. The most adorable things were baby shoes (0-24 months) for only $25! There were more shoes for toddlers and 5-7 year olds but they were going quick. Kids clothing was much pricier in comparison, simple t-shirts for $100 seemed kind of excessive. Below are a few example of what I saw.

Men's clothing, shoes, and accessories took up the entire right side of the venue. While I didn't have time to peruse the racks, my friend N was giddy with excitement as she pulled aside suits, tuxedos, trousers, and shirts for her husband. It seemed like menswear discount were a bit steeper than women's since some went as high as 90% off. That also explains why it seemed to be mostly guys exiting the sale with enormous Dolce & Gabbana branded white shopping bags. In the end all three of us girls left empty handed but N's husband made out like a bandit!

BOTTOM LINE: For the guys this sale is definitely a must, for the ladies it really depends on what you are looking for. Despite a small restock Saturday morning the bags, women's shoes and accessories are very picked over. The apparel, while gorgeous is still on the pricier side. Unless you are shopping for a special event dress or happen to be in the neighborhood it probably isn't worth it (barring any additional markdowns of course). Sunday is the last day to shop the sale.

Soiffer Haskin
317 West 33rd St.
10am - 6pm
(no strollers or children under 12)

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