Extra 50% Off At Portolano Sample Sale

After checking out the offerings at B.Base I headed to Portolano‘s special sample sale (that happens to be located only a block away). The three day event that runs through Wednesday is different from the company’s usual sample sales in that it offers extra savings of 50% off already reduced sale prices. Being a big fan of Portolano’s Italian made cold weather accessories I have shopped their annual holiday sales for years but this is the first time I have seen them host such a bargain bonanza. Prices started as low as $2.50 with most items falling into $10-$25 range.

Inside Portolano’s showroom I found pretty amazing deals on the brand’s signature knitwear cashmere and accessories. All items are individually priced with sample pricing denoted on each tag. A handful of pieces even sport an additional price cut on top of the printed price, in which case you would proceed to take the extra 50% off of the lowest price making those deals ever so sweet! The only exception are the items located in the back of the room. The back table, adjoining shelves, and nearby bin are not eligible for the extra 50% off discount. Although the prices are still far below wholesale. I would also like to point out that this week’s discounts offer the lowest prices on Portolano accessories than you could ever hope to find online and even beat the current Century 21 clearance prices.

There were tables lined with knitwear stretching the length of the showroom. On the right hand side, near the windows, is where you can find mixed yarn scarves and hats. Cotton, wool, cashmere, acrylic, and nylon blends were among the lowest priced offerings with prices ranging from $10-$30. There were lots of colorful styles and patterns to choose from but as these are Portolano’s bargain offerings, many of the pieces are made in China. At the head of the table were also boxes with Emilio Cavallini hosiery. Consisting mostly of very brightly colored tights and leggings priced in the $10-$15 range. 

Almost everything is extra 50% off 
Mixed yarn scarves $10-$20 
Hat and scarf sets
Emilio Cavallini tights

Portolano’s highly coveted made in Italy cashmere and wool accessories were located on the opposite side of the room. Scarves, gloves, and hats were displayed on the tables lining the left hand side wall. I spotted a gorgeous 100% cashmere hat and scarf set now discounted to $50. Most cashmere pieces fell into the $30-$75 price range which is incredibly cheap compared to online and bargain retailers. 

Cashmere hats and hat/scarf sets $30-$50 
Lots of colorful options
Cute holiday gloves 
Sample ponchos and sweaters $40+  

Those searching for leather gloves should check out the middle tables. Organized by color and style there was so much to choose from! Portolano also makes accessories for Moschino and Blumarine and there were lots of leather gloves from both labels. Nearly all the gloves are ($15) samples that come in one size. While the size was not specified they definitely fit like a 6.5 or 7 (meaning XS/S). There were a few larger sized gloves for $20-$35 but the majority will unfortunately only fit very slender hands. 

Sample gloves $15
Blumarine and Portolano gloves
Lots of color choices 
Leather wallets 
Handbags starting at $15
As I mentioned earlier, most everything in the back of the showroom was priced as marked and not part of the 50% discount. There were cashmere sweaters and cardigans ($60-$130), hats with fur pompoms, and more gloves and scarves. The nearby bin was overflowing with $10 velvet slippers in all range of sizes. Those searching for signature cashmere and wool slippers will be disappointed to learn that there were only 1-2 pairs that are likely gone by now.

Gloves, hats, and scarves $40
Women’s cashmere and wool sweaters $64-$70 
Women’s cable cashmere sweater $130

The sale also offered men’s and children’s accessories. Men’s scarves, gloves, ties, and hats could be found near the entrance, opposite the coat check. Prices ranged from $10-$40 and there were lots of knitwear and even shearling gloves on offer. Children’s clothing selection was fairly small, consisting of just a single rack towards the back. Prices ranged from $5-$35. But there were lots of accessories for your little ones including hats, scarves, gloves, and even decorative pillows. 

Men’s scarves $10-$35
Men’s gloves $15-$30 
Children’s clothes $5 to $35 for cashmere
Children’s hats $5-$10
Kid’s gloves $7.50
Pillow cover $20
How cute is the turtle pillow!
Too cute!
BOTTOM LINE: You need to shop this sale, especially with the temperatures set to drop even further this week. The prices are at their lowest and even C21’s clearance sale doesn’t come close! Don’t miss this chance to stock up on luxury knitwear for the whole family at these bargain prices.
15 West 37th St., 2nd Floor
Monday -Wednesday 
10am – 6pm

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