Costume National Sample Sale is now 85% off

On Friday morning I received a very last minute notice of a Costume National sample sale starting that same day. Once the initial excitement wore off I figured that something wasn’t quite right here. Sure, the last minute sample sales abound in the business but this sale is supposed to come from 260 Sample Sale where the organizers are at the top of their game. They always announce their sales well in advance…….that is unless we are talking about their off-season sample sales 😉

Well, fast forward to last evening when I stopped by their SoHo venue. There was no coat or bag check, that should have been hint number one. Then as soon as I entered the first items I saw were John Varvatos shoes and apparel! Yep, that same old merchandise that keeps shifting from various off-season/clearance sales held by the venue in all three of their locations. So once I figured out what was up I’ll admit that I was not terribly excited about the Costume National selections.

Located all the way in the back, along the right hand wall were several racks of women’s apparel and one rack of menswear. Initially prices were a flat 75% off retail and of course with retail prices being in the $1,200-$3,500 range this didn’t seem particularly appealing. That is before today when the organizers informed me that all merchandise is now 85% off. That’s more like it! I am not sure how much is left by now but outerwear was certainly my biggest highlight. These gorgeous feathered and fur trimmed coats were absolutely stunning. There were also feathered skirts and jackets among the more exotic looks. Although there were enough everyday work appropriate RTW styles like silk blouses and dresses for those not interested in flashy apparel.

Men’s outerwear 
Men’s leather jackets and sweatshirts

Shoes could be found on the tables in the middle of the room, towards the back. Sizes ranged from 36-40 but it looked like 37 and 38 had a wider selection. There were boots, booties, flats, sandals, and pumps. The lowest retail prices started around $640 and went up to $1,500. Meaning with the current discounts we are talking $90-$225 which isn’t bad at all for made in Italy footwear. There was also a very small handbag and belt selection closer to the registers. With the new discounts handbag prices start around $300.

For those who either missed or didn’t get their fill of John Varvatos sample sales you have yet another opportunity to get these deals. Half of the venue was full of John Varvatos and Star USA footwear as well as several racks of men’s apparel. Please refer to the price list below for more details.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are in the neighborhood it might be a good idea to stop by and check out the selection. 85% off is a pretty good deal on fine Italian made apparel and shoes although how much is left by now is a different matter. Let me know what you find!
151 Wooster St.
11am – 7pm

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