Final Day Of Swarovski Warehouse Sale

Today (Thursday) is the last day of Swarovski warehouse sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Last year’s event proved to be a huge hit with shoppers and why not? when gold and silver jewelry was marked down to 90% off original prices! Sadly Swarovski’s foray into the world of fine jewelry was a one-time affair that by all accounts did not pan out quite as planned. Case in point: the liquidation sale that we were treated to last October. I wasn’t the only one lamenting the absence of those sterling silver diamond cascading petal earrings as I overheard many shoppers continually ask the employees where they could find the fine jewelry. This time discounts ranged from 50% to 75% off original prices on jewelry for women and men (very small selection) as well as various accessories.

I stopped by the sale right around closing time. While there was no line outside, up on the fourth floor there was a rather long and snail paced line of shoppers going up the stairs (halfway to the fifth floor). With only one person working coat check and trying to accommodate both the customers leaving the sale and the ones coming in things were unbelievably slow! I’m sorry to have to do this but I need to call out the organizers because this is far from the first time I’ve seen coat check issues get out of control at Metro Pavilion. No issues with the lady working coat check as she did her best but the hosts should exercise common sense and have more than one person handling this.

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Now that I’m done with that little rant let’s move on to the merchandise. Like I mentioned earlier there was no gold or silver jewelry. The sale used the same layout from last year with everything set up on tables in a rectangular shape. As you first enter you’ll see various Swarovski collectible crystal figurines all priced at 50% off original prices. I saw The Lovlots characters like Dinosaurs Stephanie and Travis $49.50 (retail $99),  Happy Duck Lovely Lucy $20 (retail $40), along with other figurines such as Kris Bears A Rose For You $87.50 (retail $175), Cupcake Box with Mouse $45 (retail $90), Rose Blossom $132.50 (retail $265), Santa Claus $197.50 (retail $395), and among the larger pricier pieces the Black Swan $345 (retail $690).

Lovlots $20 (retail $40) 
Dinosaurs Stephanie and Travis $49.50 (retail $99)
Kris Bears $87.50 (retail $175) 
Cupcake Mice $45 (retail $90)
Santa Claus $197.50 (retail $395)
Rose Blossom $132.50 ($265)
Jet Swan $345 (retail $690)

Going around the corner you’ll find a small selection of items discounted at 75% off. There were men’s New England rings from Swarovski’s first ever men’s collection in 2011 for $20 (retail $80), a few bracelets, phone cases $12-$18 (retail $48-$70) although mostly for older iPhone and Samsung devices but I did see one style for that fit iPhone 6. I seriously never see a fashionable iPhone 6+ case on sale! Moving steadily past the cases I was rather surprised to find Swarovski Velvet Rock clutch bags that retail for $1,700. I believe they were 60% off ($680) but even if they go down to 75% it would still be much too much, personally speaking of course. If you’re looking for inexpensive gifts then the $17.50 (retail $35) Crystalline Slender Ballpoint pens would be worth to check out. They actually function as both a writing pen and a stylus for your phone or tablet.

The most discounted items were 75% off
Men’s rings $17.50 (retail $80)
Men’s cuff 
iPhone and Samsung Galazy cases $12
The cute owl case fits iPhone 6
Crystalline slender pen $17.50 (retail $35) 
More color options 
Velvet Rock clutch $680 (retail $1,700)

Many jewelry pieces appeared to be repeats from last year. I spotted several of the same necklaces, rings, and earrings currently discounted at only 50% off. If you’ve ever been to a Swarovski outlet you’ll know that they usually have a nice selection of jewelry at 75% off and with an occasional additional holiday discount those prices are much better. I fully expect there to be extra markdowns on Thursday and my advice is to save your money until then. 

Most women’s jewelry was only 50% off
Wrap bracelets $39 (retail $79)
Bracelet 50% off
Cubist bangles $62+
Charm bracelets
Bee cuff $237 (retail $475)
Chrysalid necklace $499 (retail $799)
Bee necklace $475 (retail $950)
Cute statement necklace
Buzz necklace $299 (retail $599)
Ring $130
Ring $62
Leather wrap bracelets

BOTTOM LINE: The sale has a good selection of crystal figurines and accessories that would make lovely gifts. At only 50% off women’s jewelry was still a tad too pricy but if it drops down to 60% or 75% off then you should head over ASAP. Also don’t forget to enter the necklace giveaway while you’re there. I will be in the neighborhood for David Yurman’s sample sale next door so I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram for the latest info!

Swarovski Warehouse Sale
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 West 18th St., 4th Floor
Thursday  9am – 6:30pm

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