L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Collection Review

L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Collection Review

For years I remember hearing people talk about Influenster and how they’ve been able to receive free products in exchange for their honest reviews. Although it wasn’t until only a few months ago that I’ve finally decided to join Influenster and see what the hype was all about.

Influenster works by providing qualifying users with free products to test and review. You receive a box called an Influenster VoxBox completely free of charge. The type of products can range from skincare and beauty to food, snacks, drinks as well as targeted products for children and pets. I will have a separate post with an in-depth discussion of precisely how Influenster works. Meanwhile I was thrilled that within only a few weeks of joining I qualified for my first box: The L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Collection. It took about a month for the VoxBox to arrive in my mailbox and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t just receive a few samples but rather four full sized products! Each one retails for about $25 but can be purchased slightly cheaper when on sale.


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes.

L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Daily Moisturizer
*(one star) terrible

First up is the daily moisturizer. The product comes in a large heavy jar (no spatula) and weighs 1.7oz (48g). The packaging makes it appear as though there is more product than there actually is but the form factor is the least of its problems. My biggest issue and what in the end made the moisturizer completely unusable is the fact that it never absorbed into my skin the way it was intended. Instead it rolled up into tiny little balls and made my skin appear as though it was peeling. I could not apply any other products on top it, which translated to no foundation, no sunscreen, and no makeup of any kind!

First time I used it was at the end of my routine that includes a cleanser, toner, essence, serum, eye cream and finally a moisturizer. I thought OK, perhaps it doesn’t like some of the other products that I’m using so the next day I washed my face, allowed it to fully dry and then applied the Revitalift daily moisturizer. Well…..same result. As soon as I touched my face I felt the cream peeling off of my face. Reading the ingredient list I noticed silica as one of the ingredients and I know that in the past I have had similar issues with certain silicone based products. I have combination skin with oily t-zones and very dry cheeks but it wasn’t just the oily parts of my skin that showed this reaction, it was my entire face. I experimented a few more times but eventually I had to give up because this product simply doesn’t work with my skin. I also noticed that when I washed my hands after applying the cream it formed a kind of barrier on my fingers and the water just kind of rolled off so it took extra effort to completely remove it.

The purported anti-aging benefits became irrelevant since my skin could not actually absorb the cream. The only positives were a mild floral scent and medium (not too heavy) texture. Bottom line is that I would never buy this and would not recommend.

L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Concentrated Serum
***(three stars) decent

I loved the packaging for the serum! It’s a little gimmicky but it comes in this syringe like tube that can certainly make your skincare routine seem fun. The serum has a light gel texture and very faint floral scent. You press with your thumb on the bottom of the “syringe” to release just the right amount of product. I integrated it into my routine and applied it after essence and before moisturizer. Unlike its companion Revitalift Daily Moisturizer this serum did not roll up my skin. It actually absorbed rather well (3-5minutes) and seemed to play well with the rest of my skincare routine. Like the rest of the Volume Filler collection is does contain alcohol and fragrance that can be triggers for sensitive skin and for what its worth I do have sensitive skin. I have not experienced any major breakouts yet but I have also used the product sparingly. I will likely try to use up the remainder but considering my issues with the other products from this line it is unlikely that I will purchase this in the future.

L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Eye Treatment
***(three stars) decent

The eye treatment comes in a decently sized (for an eye cream) tube 0.5oz (15ml). It has a medium weight milky texture and gel like consistency. One drop from the tube is sufficient for each eye. Unlike the day and night creams from this line it actually absorbs into your skin and doesn’t roll (no silicones). It is not greasy and supposed to be safe for contact lens wearers. While I don’t wear lenses my eyes are rather sensitive. I try to apply the product around my eyes so as not to risk it accidentally getting into my eye, especially since alcohol is on the ingredients list.

L’Oréal advertises that the eye treatment is supposed to not only diminish the appearance of wrinkles but replenish the volume in under eye hollows and reduce puffiness. Granted I’m lucky not to have too many wrinkles I do suffer from severe puffiness and I honestly didn’t notice much in that regard. The claim that you will see immediate results after a single use seems rather dramatic or perhaps it is target towards a much older demographic with more pronounced wrinkles. My main concern with this product is alcohol and its effect on sensitivity. Simply because I haven’t had a reaction yet I don’t think its  a good idea to be tempting fate.

L’Oréal Revitalift Volume Filler Night Cream
**(two stars) bad

Unlike it’s daily moisturizer counterpart, the night cream comes in a lightweight tube and clock in at 2.0oz (60ml). So you get slightly more product in a less cumbersome form factor. The ingredient list is similar enough so you do get alcohol and fragrance that are triggers for redness and irritation not to mention acne but its also missing a few components like silica. The good thing about that is that the cream did not make my face look as though it was peeling although there were some instances of the product rolling off my skin.

Again I experimented with applying it following a complete nighttime skincare routine: double cleansing, toner, essence, sheetmask, serum, and eye cream. As well as right after cleansing (not the method I would prefer). While for the most part the product appeared to absorb, when I woke up in the morning I noticed the tiny rolled up balls at the edges of my face. I was never good at chemistry and can’t pinpoint precisely what is responsible for such an effect, the lack of silica certainly helps especially compared to the daily moisturizer but there are still ingredient(s) that either do not work well with each other or combination/oily skin. I have not used it for recommended four weeks so can’t comment regarding any potential anti-aging benefits and needless to say I will not be buying this.

Daytime moisturizer that sadly failed in all aspects 🙁
It may be a little hard to see but if you zoom in you can spot those rolled up “balls” that I was talking about
From top to bottom: night cream, eye cream, serum, day cream
Full sized products priced at around $25 each

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