Winter Clearance At Century 21 Stores

The winter clearance event at Century 21 is slowly coming to an end this week. With little fanfare and no major epic deals like last summer it is certainly underwhelming by comparison. So what happened? First things first, if you had a chance to shop at Century 21 recently you may have noticed those enticing 90% off clearance signs. Now don’t worry I wasn’t holding out on you guys but rather it was the megastore that we all love so much that decided to change how they handle their markdowns this season. Those of us familiar with the old pricing structure might recall that Century 21 stores used to always discount from their own sale price. So once we got into the highly anticipatd 85%-90% off territory prices got ridiculously low. Raise your hand if you remember my $37 Lanvin clutch and $10 YSL scarf 🙂 But this time things work differently. Upon closer inspection of the price tag you will notice that the discount is taken from the value aka retail price. Granted saving 90% off original retail is still great but here is another tricky part. The clearance sale is still only up to 90%, meaning many of those great contemporary brands that would otherwise be a steal are only discounted at 75-85% off original price tags.

After Elie Tahari sample sale I once again stopped by Century 21’s downtown flagship (since I doubt the other locations have much of anything at this point). I found a very small selection of clearance merchandise spread out across all six floors of the store. Downstairs, clearance shoes were practically nonexistent. Whatever is left is mostly one of a kind and mixed in with non-clearance merchandise. Nevertheless persistency pays off so if you get lucky with sizing it’s possible to score a few killer deals. Case in point I found these amazing Tamara Mellon cut-out boots for only $38 and Lanvin pumps with bow detail for $66 (retail $1,100). Most shoes unfortunately we’re pretty beat up and some had missing hardware, sequins, jewels, etc.

Lanvin size 8 $85 
Robert Clergerie size 5 $33 
Lanvin and Giambattista Vali less than $100
Givenchy size 7 $71 
Fur trimmed boots size 9 $47
Michael Kors booties size 9.5 $23 
Sophia Webster (sorry a bit blurry)
Givenchy size 7.5 $79 
Acne size 5 $79 Someone please find them a home! If only they were my size.
Nine Ricci size 8.5 $39
Tory Burch size 7 $70

As for apparel there are small clusters of racks on the third and fourth floors. Since things get rearranged almost on a daily basis I recommend quickly scanning the entire floor to find those clearance racks. I found some very cheap deals from Sandro, Badgley Mischka, Demoo Parkchoonmoo, Paul & Joe, and others. There were also some high-end labels like Missoni, Antonio Berardi, Giambattista Valli but even at 93%-95% off prices still seemed high, especially when we’re talking about $8,000+ items. Stay away from anything and everything knitwear because all that’s left is full of holes and rips. Up on the fifth floor you can find some winter accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, hosiery, and intimates. There is also of course the quintessential weird designer stuff that you can find at Century. This week’s weirdness included a metal visor by Pucci and a tiny ill-fitting fur hat by Lanvin. After buying luggage straps (not tags, actually I’m not sure what they are really) and screwdrivers by Lanvin just because they were 90% off I have learned my lesson on wasting $$$ on useless crap lol

BOTTOM LINE: While I was getting conflicting info from various employees it does appear that additional discounts are very unlikely and the sale will probably end this week. I mean there’s not much left anyway. At this point you might as well skip it or if you got time to kill maybe you’ll get lucky and find a few gems. Happy shopping! If you do find something great please share! I want to see your finds 🙂

05 comments on “Winter Clearance At Century 21 Stores

  • Laura Cowan , Direct link to comment

    I was very disappointed with this so-called clearance. If the "everyday" prices are 65% off, and clearance is only another roughly 20% for end of season items I'd just as soon pass. I hope they go back to their old clearance pricing structure. It was definitely, as you said, "underwhelming" and not worth the hassle of the always present hordes of people. RIP awesome clearance deals at C21.

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi Laura! Thanks for reading the blog 🙂

      I'm totally with you! I really hope they go back to the old discount system but that might be a long shot with all the recent changes. While I was able to find some nice deals at 95-97% off retail the selection was small and lackluster. Let's hope we all have better luck this summer!

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi Laura!

      They're sticking with the updated discount structure, aka % off retail value 🙁 I haven't stopped by in a few weeks but I believe current discounts should be closer to 90% off retail (at least on European designers). I plan to go again in a few days so look for updates!

    • Julia , Direct link to comment

      I was there this past thurs, and most things were between 33% – 65% off C21-prices (and therefore, up to 90% off retail). I didn't buy anything 🙁

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