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UPDATE: Now extra 20% off! New arrivals! More apparel, bags, and accessories.

Theory women’s sample sale officially opened at Chelsea Market earlier this morning. Don’t worry guys, you’ll be getting your very own sale next week! The contemporary label is known to hold frequent sample sales throughout the year, usually alternating between the current location and Clothingline. What separates the two venues is that the events hosted by Privé tend to offer newer, current season collections at somewhat modest discounts while Clothingline is where you go for damages, original samples, and old stock bargains.

I checked out the press preview last evening and found the sale to be well stocked with Spring/Summer and transitional merchandise. The sale offered a wide selection of work appropriate apparel in sizes 00 to 12. There is a large dressing room with mirrors and all merchandise consisted of brand new stock. The organizers had nearly everything set up and ready to go for next day’s opening. If you’ve ever been to this venue you know that passers by can peep inside thanks to the glass windows and doors. There were signs outside saying that the sale is currently closed but since I was expected I proceeded to knock. Before my knuckle even had a chance to tap the glass something quite hilarious happened. There were several ladies near the door, trying to take a peek inside and one of them immediately started to reprimand me, telling me that the sale is closed and I should come back tomorrow. Before I could say something she again began telling me to read the sign and leave lol Now I do understand that it may be frustrating for shoppers to see all this great merchandise and having to wait until the next day but don’t just assume that I’m some ignorant tourist with no reading skills or comprehension of the English language before acting like a self appointed floor manager. You’re not being helpful but rude! Anyway, now that I got that off my chest let’s move on to everything that the sale had to offer.
Theory+ Tees $29
Theory+ Pants $39
Tees $39
Tops $89
Skirts $89
Pants $99
Sweaters $109
Dresses $129
Outerwear $179
Leather Pants $299
Belts $29
Hats $49
Scarves $49
Clutches $99
Shoes $149
Bags $199
First up, to the right of the entrance we have shoes priced at $149. There was only a handful of styles (sandals, loafers, and pumps) with sizes from 36-40.5 although 36-37 (including the half sizes) by far had the best selection and variety. Large bags ($199), clutches ($99), belts ($29), scarves ($49), and even a few hats could be found along the left wall. There were a lot of large bags like the Signature and Urban totes in various colors (white, navy, chocolate, burgundy, and black).

The apparel of course was the star of the show. There was so much to choose from and they had even more stock in the back so expect frequent restocking. Everything was neatly organized by category and size. The spacious aisles and non-cluttered racks made for a very enjoyable shopping experience. One of the nice things about shopping at Chelsea Market is that you get that store-like feel. Along the right wall you’ll find $99 pants, lots and lots of pants! Many office appropriate looks in wool, cotton, silk, and linen. Lots of styles will also work great as the day to play looks for an evening out. On the opposite racks you’ll find blazers and jackets, mostly in grey and darker colors (there were also some whites and pinks) and very business style, office friendly. There was a rack of $179 lightweight outerwear like the Linen Chambray Collarless Coat. The sale offered a great selection of knit tops and lightweight blouses. I’ve included my favorite looks and highlights in the photos below. There was a great variety of dresses like the black and white stripe linen dress, a white Hialo dress, short sleeve denim tunic dress, and much more. There were two racks of skirts although compared to the selection in other categories it felt so tiny! My favorites included a Silk Dot Print pleated skirt and Nellida J. striped mini skirt. Among the tops I really liked the Luxe Knit Multi-Stripe sweater, Neoprene Stripe Tee, Emmeris Ibisco cropped tee, and White Tassle Blouse. Some items I saw were only discounted 20%-30% off original retail although they did come from current collections that are still sold in stores. Prices were not rock bottom but Theory fans will enjoy shopping this selection. That’s not to say there weren’t some deals to be found. I spotted several sleeveless leather tops priced at $89 (retail $500+) as well as leather panel combo dresses $149 (retail again over $500). 

The big surprise of the sale was finding Theory’s athletic wear line. Theory+ workout gear was priced $29-$39. You can find shorts, leggings, tees, and tops towards the back of the venue, neat the dressing room.

BOTTOM LINE: Those in need of an office wardrobe refresh and looking to stay current with latest trends should really enjoy this sale. Additional discounts are likely towards the end but I wouldn’t expect anything more than an extra 20% off. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything. Happy shopping!
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Ave
Wednesday – Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday  10am – 5pm

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