Bendon Lingerie Last Day Discounts

I have a very last minute addition to this week’s shopping calendar. Bendon Lingerie is currently offering amazing deals on women’s intimates and sleepwear. The New Zealand based company with corporate offices around the world, including of course New York City, manufactures sensual, comfortable, and functional underwear. Its portfolio of brands includes Heidi Klum Intimates, Stella McCartney Lingerie, Pleasure State, Evollove, and Fayreform.

Last evening, after a long day of sample sale-ing I decided to check out the sale for myself. I was initially unfamiliar with Bendon and only learned about this sample sale thanks to The Fashion Sherlock. What I found was a good selection of (mostly sexy) lingerie at pretty unbelievable prices. There were already markdowns in play for stock: Stella McCartney bras were $15 and panties $10 while the other labels were $5 for bottoms and $10 for bras. First off, today is the last day to shop with the sale closing at 5pm. Located inside Bendon’s showroom on Madison Avenue the sale was split amongst two rooms with the smaller room housing original production samples. The larger room is where you’ll find stock and a much wider size selection. The samples were primarily comprised of size 34B and several 32DD bras as well as panties, bra/panty sets, and sleepwear from Heidi Klum, Stella McCartney, Fayreform, Pleasure State, and Evollove. The sets were neatly arranged on plastic hangers, hanging on the walls while individual pieces were inside cardboard boxes. Since the sale has been running for several days now the panties in particular were fairly picked over. I found a couple of styles in sizes Small and Medium. Prices started at $3 for panties, $7 for bras, and $10 for sets/sleepwear. The sample room also had a small box of maternity underwear.

Moving onto the next room you’ll find more lingerie and underwear from the same labels. Everything was arranged by size with cup sizes A to DD inside boxes on the tables in the middle of the room and bra/panty sets hanging on racks in sizes 32 – 40. Down on the floor you’ll find boxes of panties in sizes S – L. The staff is very helpful so feel free to ask any questions. The robes and nightgowns were already sold out by the time I got there. There was no dressing room but that did not stop some ladies from trying on the bras. A few notes regarding the samples is that I noticed some panties had black rectangular ink stamps with the word “sample” right down there. While the staffers said that it should wash off I personally would recommend looking for a pair without the stamp.

BOTTOM LINE: Today is the last day and it’s possible there could be even more markdowns so don’t wait! Prices are already low as it is and when it comes to bras in particular you’ll be getting better prices than at Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sales. Go forth and shop!

180 Madison Ave., Suite 501
Friday  10am – 5pm

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