Eddie Borgo Proves Yet Again That His Sample Sales Are The Best!

Friday, May 20, 2016

I think you all know by now that this is my absolutely favorite sample sale of the year. There simply is no competition when it comes to selection and pricing at Eddie Borgo's semi-annual sales. I am happy to report that pricing has remained the same. That means you can expect to pay as little at $20-$40 (or over 90% off retail) for his signature cone, dome, and pyramid bracelets. For those not familiar with Eddie Borgo, the New York City based designer is known for his edgy and modern yet classical aesthetic inspired by Modern Art and Architecture. His collections are sold at major department stores all over the world but of course you can shop his jewelry right here in NYC!

The sale takes place inside the company headquarters and studio on the Lower East Side. Take the stairs up to the second floor where you'll find yourself in jewelry heaven. This sample sale has a strict no photos or social media policy although it's not overly enforced. I am trying to abide by their rules this year mostly because I fear that increased attention may mean increased prices in the future or worse yet the sale not being open to public. Yes this means that I did not take any photos but I've put together several product galleries for you to browse. I will be making a separate post for my hauls later this weekend!

Small Rings $15 | Large Rings $25 | Small Bracelets $20 | Large Bracelets $40 | Small Earrings $25 | Large Earrings $45 | Small Necklaces $40 | Large Necklaces $60 | Statement Pieces $70

Damages $5 | Other Labels $10 | X Target $5-$10

When the doors opened at noon the sale certainly drew a much larger than anticipated crowds. There was no line but things were very busy inside! They even ran out of wooden trays where you would normally put your jewelry while you continue browsing. Things did quiet down eventually but the first wave of shoppers appeared to have snapped up all the goodies, or did they? Not to worry the sale is being restocked. The staffers kept bringing out more items from the backroom and with the sale scheduled to run through Saturday there is plenty of jewelry to go around. Everything was neatly arranged by category on trays or jewelry stands inside the showroom. I found Eddie Borgo's signature cone bracelets in rose goldgold, and silver. I spotted the Pearl Dome bracelets, Mosaic Cube bracelets, Pearl Dome necklaces, Square Estate Bracelets and matching necklaces, and much more. The popular pieces were going quickly so if you don't see a particular item you were looking for it is worth returning to the sale the next day or in a few hours as things do get restocked. For instance while I was there I did not see any Safety Chain cuffs or necklaces but a friend who went later in the day found several.

Moving on to the damage bins, I know that's what you guys are mostly curious about! Yes there were indeed $5 bins of jewelry with various degrees of damages. Some very minor and can easily be fixed by yourself, some may need a trip to jewelry repair shop while others are beyond repair and not worth even a $5 tag. Selection can be hit or miss especially with some shoppers being overly aggressive. During last opening some ladies grabbed the entire bin and snapped up all the good pieces. While not very cool it's ok though because things were being restocked. After patiently waiting and scouring the tables I found a few damaged cone bracelets. My haul was not quiet as epic this time around but I may just return today or tomorrow ;)

Next to the damage bin you'll also find plastic bins with jewelry from other designers like Rebecca Minkoff, White House Black Market, Charlotte Rousse, and more. Everything was priced at $10 but considering that jewelry retails for about $15-$40 you should instead concentrate on Eddie Borgo pieces. I'd rather pay $10-$20 more and get his jewelry at 90% off retail. But of course if you spot something cute among the other labels it's still a cheap buy.

There were also items from last year's Eddie Borgo X Target collaboration. Towards the back you'll find boxes with cute mini backpacks, belts, dream catchers, and jewelry. Bags were $10 while everything else was $5.

The newest additions to the sample sale were handbags. Launched only a year ago and retailing at over $2,400 Eddie Borgo bags were available to purchase but don't expect bargain prices. The Colt Mini started at $200 and Dean Large Doctor was priced at $1,200 making them about 50% off retail. At these prices few people were looking at the bags so here's hoping for some additional markdowns :)

Colt Mini $200 | Boyd Vanity $270 | Boyd Small Clutch $325 | Boyd Large Clutch $400 | Pepper Saddle $450 | Vic Minaudière $660 | Colt Crossbody $750 | Dean Small Doctor $880 | Colt Satchel $960 | Dean Large Doctor $1,200

BOTTOM LINE: The sale runs through Saturday and it's likely there may be additional markdowns although with damages already priced so low, if you find something you like.....buy it! Don't be cheap ;) If you e never been to this sample sale then run like the wind! Seriously you'll thank me later! This is one of those rare occasions when selection and prices are unbeatable and essentially on par with other brands' private employee prices. You never know how long a good thing such as this will last so take advantage while you still can.

204 Elizabeth St., 2nd Floor (between Prince & Spring St.)
Friday  8am - 7pm
Saturday  10am - 5pm


  1. I agree with everything you say - that this is the best sample sale, EVER!!!

  2. It was amazing! Fingers crossed that they don't raise their prices next time!!!


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