Lafayette 148 Warehouse Sale Has Something For Every Size

UPDATE: Buy 2 get 1 free from same category (excludes leather, shearling, and coats).

Starting today, Lafayette 148 semi-annual warehouse sale officially opens to the public. For two days only shop a wide selection of women’s apparel in all sizes. Founded in 1996 by Shun Yen Siu, Deirdre Quinn, and Ida Siu, the company fuses it’s cosmopolitan New York City roots with Chinese heritage to form a unique combination of East meets West sensibility.

Yesterday afternoon I attended a very busy Friends & Family preview where eager shoppers were stocking up on office appropriate apparel. The sale is located inside the company’s headquarters at 148 Lafayette Street. The main selection can be found on the second floor while Petite and Plus Sizes are up on the seventh. After the mandatory coat and bag check grab one of the huge and I mean enormous (it reaches the floor from my shoulders) shopping totes and start loading up! Lafayette has always been the brand to offer the widest assortment of sizes and this sale is no exception. It is the only sample sale to offer sizes from 0P to 24W/3X and lets face it when do you ever see something larger than a size 12 at these kinds of events? The selection itself was as abundant as the sizes. There was everything for every season, from lightweight colorful summer tops to tweed jackets, leather blazers, and even shearling coats. Pretty much everything thats currently available in stores or that you’ve seen online in the past couple of years is here at the sale. Prices start at $40 for short sleeve tops, $50 for pants and skirts, $60 for 3/4 sleeve tops, $80 dresses, $100-$300 leather, and shearling coats as much as $1,000. While average discounts ranged from around 60% to 75% off I managed to find some steals as high as 85%+ off retail. The Dominique Tweed Jacket sells for $748 and is currently on sale online for $448 but at the warehouse sale it was just $80! Please refer to the full price list in the photo below.

Lafayette apparel is certainly more popular among the office dwellers so if you are in need of a work appropriate wardrobe refresh this is the sale to shop. If you like myself are a fan of The Good Wife then just think back to all those courthouse blazers that Alicia and Dianne wear…….hint: they’re from Lafayette! While I personally do not work at an office and don’t wear suits there were still quite a few things that caught my eye, like the tweed jacket in 17th photo, red suede skirt in 6th photo, long silk skirt in 45th photo, and zipper dress in photo 38. All items were arranged by style and color. As you enter the showroom, small accessories such as belts ($10-$30) can be found on the left hand side, opposite the registers. Further along the racks you’ll find outerwear like the aforementioned shearlings as well as wool coats, puffers, and lightweight silks ($200). Next up we have leather jackets, skirts, pants, and only a handful of tops and dresses. Leather pieces proved quite popular with yesterday’s crowd as everyone seemed to be walking around with at least one colorful leather blazer in hand. The overall selection was small with size 0-2 having the best variety although I did spot some 8’s and 10’s. The color options included green, yellow, blue, red, orange, pink, beige, and some black. Pants could be fund all along the right wall while dresses were also arranged by color and located in the back, by the windows. Sweaters were along the eft wall and tops, blazers, jackets, skirts, shirts, etc were all well represented. I must reiterate once again just how huge the selection was so please be sure to allot the needed amount of time to peruse the racks. There was a dressing room with mirrors available but expect long lines. If you are petite or plus size I recommend going up to the 7th floor as it was fairly quiet and calm with empty dressing rooms. Only its worth noting that you cannot bring clothes from the 2nd floor upstairs. In previous years there have been some final day markdowns and it may be prudent to wait it out until Friday.

Lightweight coats $100-$200
Outerwear $500-$1,000 
Fur collar coat $750
Shearling coat $1,000
Leather $100-$300
Suede skirt $150
Suede bottom and lace detail skirt $100
Leather jacket with lace back detail $200
Silk coats $200 
Blazer $80 
Jackets and blazers $80 
Signature lafayette black and white print jackets
Tweed jacket $80 (retail $748)
Lots of color options
Long sleeve shirt $60
Silk top $40
Silk top $40 
White shirt $60 

Knits $60 

Dresses $80

Petite selection on the 7th floor 
Petites marked with green tags 
Plus size orange tags
Plus size selection
Plus size dresses and outerwear, just one leather coat in size 18X 

Shawls $30
Belys $10-$30
Bangles $10

BOTTOM LINE: For those in need of office appropriate apparel this is a great sale to stock up. There is literally everything for every size and style. Be sure to give yourself an appropriate amount of time to shop as the sheer amount of clothes can seem overwhelming. Petites and Plus sizes don’t forget to check out the seventh floor for even more options! The sale runs through Friday and there are usually additional discounts to be found on the last day.

Lafayette Warehouse
148 Lafayette St., 2nd Floor
Thursday  9am – 7pm
Friday  9am – 6pm

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