Paul Smith Sample Sale Is Now Extra 50% Off!

Paul Smith sample sale is scheduled to end this Sunday. With today being the last day, I decided to take a peek inside and see what was left. Last evening there was an additional 30% off discount in effect. The first round of markdowns started Friday morning and I was hoping there might be a second round on Saturday. No such luck of course, although those of you checking out the sale right now will be glad to know that all merchandise is an additional 50% off sale prices!

So where do we start? First off if you’re looking for handbags, home accessories, jewelry, even shoes then prepare to be disappointed. Leather bags were gone by the end of the press preview Tuesday afternoon and now even the nylon/canvas pouches are nowhere to be found. Men’s shoes have been hit hard! I mean it, it’s like a hurricane blew in and all that’s left are a handful of styles. There weren’t that many women’s shoes even at the start but now there are essentially a couple of high heel loafer pumps and that’s it. Check out the before and after photos to see just how much has sold. 

Everything is an extra 50% off these prices!!!

Men’s shoes on day 1
Women’s shoes on day 1
And how empty it is right now!
What little was left of men’s shoes now
That’s it for women’s shoes 
Home decor: some shells and soaps
A few niche books, not many fashion books
Moving back upstairs to the main level you’ll find plenty of apparel, especially menswear. The racks were jam packed with stylish blazers, suits, shirts, and pants. This sale always attracts the most dapper gentlemen and with the current discounts you need to run over ASAP! Paul Smith jackets for $58, coats $133 and suits for $225? If I were a guy I’d be all over that! Ladies, your selection was really picked over. No more outerwear, t-shirts are almost gone, knitwear nearly depleted, just some dresses and jeans left. You can find women’s apparel along the left wall. There are no dressing rooms so expect things to be crowded near the mirrors. Some adventurous guys were dropping trou right on the showroom floor and trying on a new pair of pants! So ladies even if there’s not much clothes for you to shop there’s at least some eye candy 😉
Women’s clothes
These racks will be half empty now
Women’s jackets
A few highlights 
Cool t-shirts are gone 
Here’s what was left
Scarves now $18
Cufflinks now $15 
Leather bags sold out on Tuesday, nothing left
Belts now $25
There were still a few belts left when I went 
Plastic rings were about it for jewelry 
Men’s shirts now $38 
Men’s suits now $225, casual jackets $58 
Men’s knits $45 but expect a much smaller selection today
Outerwear $133
BOTTOM LINE: The sale ends this afternoon so if you are a guy or you’re shopping for a man then head over as soon as you can. Selection may be thinning but the prices are worth it!
150 Greene St.
10am – 4pm

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